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ALAN MICHAEL LANE, University of Massachusetts - Amherst


Mercury porosimetry is commonly used to measure pore size distributions in porous materials such as heterogeneous catalysts. The conventional interpretation of the data is inadequate to provide a realistic picture of the actual void space. Porosimetry experiments on a series of well-characterized porous materials led to the development of a better model for data interpretation. This model was studied using Monte Carlo computer simulation, mathematical analysis, and application of percolation theory to the porosimetry process. This research resulted in providing a few easily applied heuristic rules for interpreting the data. These rules yield more and better information with no additional experimental data.^

Subject Area

Engineering, Chemical

Recommended Citation

ALAN MICHAEL LANE, "INTERPRETATION OF MERCURY POROSIMETRY DATA (CATALYSIS, MORPHOLOGY, PORES)" (January 1, 1984). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. Paper AAI8500090.