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ANTONIS PAPADOURAKIS, University of Massachusetts - Amherst


The introduction of material recycle and heat integration in a chemical plant causes an increase of the dominant eigenvalue of the plant and can even result in instability. The stability of complete chemical plants is examined in three domains; time, Laplace and frequency domain. The time domain was found appropriate mainly for the study of the dynamic behavior of integrated processes and not for stability evaluations. In the Laplace domain, a method is developed for the evaluation of stability of complete chemical plants. The method is simple and can be used during the preliminary design stages of a plant. Stability studies in the frequency domain were found to be of limited applicability.^ The effect of recycle loops on the Relative Gain Array (RGA) for a unit is examined. It is found that for the calculation of the RGA for a unit, the coupling of the unit with the rest of the units in the plant should be taken into account. Guidelines are given for the development of a Dynamic "Expert" System to be used for stability, dynamic and control studies of complete chemical plants. ^

Subject Area

Engineering, Chemical

Recommended Citation

ANTONIS PAPADOURAKIS, "STABILITY AND DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE OF PLANTS WITH RECYCLE" (January 1, 1985). Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest. Paper AAI8602670.