Institutional Repositories: Sabbatical Report
Marilyn S. Billings, University of Massachusetts Amherst

DATE: January 2005

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  • Appendix A.pdf (1372 kB)
    Appendix A: Laying the Groundwork: Foundations for Sabbatical Leave

    Appendix B.pdf (1180 kB)
    Appendix B: Sample Job Descriptions for Institutional Repositories

    Appendix C.pdf (486 kB)
    Appendix C: Scholarly Communication Website Material

    Appendix D.pdf (103 kB)
    Appendix D: Institutional Repository Resources

    Appendix F.pdf (1146 kB)
    Appendix F: Site Visit Questionnaire and Responses

    Appendix E.pdf (8179 kB)
    Appendix E: Sample Faculty Surveys and Resources