Submissions from 2007

Steady state protein levels in Geobacter metallireducens grown with iron (III) citrate or nitrate as terminal electron acceptor, AJ Ahrendt, SL Tollaksen, C Lindberg, WH Zhu, JR Yates, KP Nevin, G Babnigg, DR Lovley, and CS Giometti

Rapid Changes in Gene Expression Dynamics in Response to Superoxide Reveal SoxRS-Dependent and Independent Transcriptional Networks, JL Blanchard, WY Wholey, EM Conlon, and PJ Pomposiello

Genomic and microarray analysis of aromatics degradation in Geobacter metallireducens and comparison to a Geobacter isolate from a contaminated field site, JE Butler, Q He, KP Nevin, ZL He, JZ Zhou, and DR Lovley

UvrD limits the number and intensities of RecA-Green fluorescent protein structures in Escherichia coli K-12, RC Centore and SJ Sandler

Involvement of Geobacter sulfurreducens SfrAB in acetate metabolism rather than intracellular, respiration-linked Fe(III) citrate reduction, MV Coppi, RA O'Neil, C Leang, F Kaufmann, BA Methe, KP Nevin, TL Woodard, A Liu, and DR Lovley

Arsenic sequestration by nitrate respiring microbial communities in urban lake sediments, BP Gibney and K Nusslein

Comparative bacterial diversity in recent Hawaiian volcanic deposits of different ages, V Gomez-Alvarez, GM King, and K Nusslein

Prolixibacter bellariivorans gen nov, sp nov, a sugar-fermenting, psychrotolerant anaerobe of the phylum Bacteroidetes, isolated from a marine-sediment fuel cell, DE Holmes, KP Nevin, TL Woodard, AD Peacock, and DR Lovley

Subsurface clade of Geobacteraceae that predominates in a diversity of Fe(III)-reducing subsurface environments, DE Holmes, RA O'Neil, HA Vrionis, LA N'Guessan, I Ortiz-Bernad, MJ Larrahondo, LA Adams, JA Ward, JS Nicoll, KP Nevin, MA Chavan, JP Johnson, PE Long, and DR Lovley

Genome-wide expression profiling in Geobacter sulfurreducens: identification of Fur and RpoS transcription regulatory sites in a rel(Gsu) mutant, J Krushkal, B Yan, LN DiDonato, M Puljic, KP Nevin, TL Woodard, RM Adkins, BA Methe, and DR Lovley

A hand-off mechanism for primosome assembly in replication restart., M Lopper, R Boonsombat, SJ Sandler, and JL Keck

Reclassification of Trichlorobacter thiogenes as Geobacter thiogenes comb. nov., KP Nevin, DE Holmes, TL Woodard, SF Covalla, and DR Lovley

Evidence that OmcB and OmpB of Geobacter sulfurreducens are outer membrane surface proteins, XL Qian, G Reguera, T Mester, and DR Lovley

Possible nonconductive role of Geobacter sulfurreducens pilus nanowires in biofilm formation, G Reguera, RB Pollina, JS Nicoll, and DR Lovley

DinI and RecX modulate RecA-DNA structures in Escherichia coli K-12, N Renzette, N Gumlaw, and SJ Sandler

Lack of electricity production by Pelobacter carbinolicus indicates that the capacity for Fe(III) oxide reduction does not necessarily confer electron transfer ability to fuel cell anodes, H Richter, M Lanthier, KP Nevin, and DR Lovley

Importance of c-type cytochromes for U(VI) reduction by Geobacter sulfurreducens, ES Shelobolina, MV Coppi, AA Korenevsky, LN DiDonato, SA Sullivan, H Konishi, HF Xu, C Leang, JE Butler, BC Kim, and DR Lovley

Geobacter pickeringii sp nov., Geobacter argillaceus sp nov and Pelosinus fermentans gen. nov., sp nov., isolated from subsurface kaolin lenses, ES Shelobolina, KP Nevin, JD Blakeney-Hayward, CV Johnsen, TW Plaia, P Krader, T Woodard, DE Holmes, CG VanPraagh, and DR Lovley

Heat-shock sigma factor RpoH from Geobacter sulfurreducens, T Ueki and DR Lovley

Responses of rhizobia to desiccation in relation to osmotic stress, oxygen, and temperature, JAC Vriezen, FJ de Bruijn, and K Nusslein

Salinity constraints on subsurface archaeal diversity and methanogenesis in sedimentary rock rich in organic matter (vol 73, pg 4171, 2007), PJ Waldron, ST Petsch, AM Martini, and K Nusslein

Chronic respiratory disease in children: The prevalence of Chlamydia and Mycoplasma, WC Webley, K Lay, ES Stuart, C Andrzejewski, and PS Salva

Chronic respiratory disease in children: The prevalence of Chlamydia and Mycoplasma, WC Webley, K Lay, ES Stuart, C Andrzejewski, and PS Salva

The bronchial lavage of pediatric patients with asthma contains infectious Chlamlydia (vol 171, pg 1083, 2005), WC Webley, PS Salva, C Andrzejewski, F Cirino, CA West, Y Tilahun, and ES Stuart

The bronchial lavage of pediatric patients with asthma contains infectious Chlamlydia (vol 171, pg 1083, 2005), WC Webley, PS Salva, C Andrzejewski, F Cirino, CA West, Y Tilahun, and ES Stuart

Genome-wide similarity search for transcription factors and their binding sites in a metal-reducing prokaryote Geobacter sulfurreducens, B Yan, DR Lovley, and J Krushkal

Characterization of malate dehydrogenase from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrobaculum islandicum, LJ Yennaco, YJ Hu, and JF Holden

Submissions from 2006

A novel dnaC mutation that suppresses priB rep mutant phenotypes in Escherichia coli K-12, R Boonsombat, SP Yeh, A Milne, and SJ Sandler

Genetic characterization of a single bifunctional enzyme for fumarate reduction and succinate oxidation in Geobacter sulfurreducens and engineering of fumarate reduction in Geobacter metallireducens, JE Butler, RH Glaven, A Esteve-Nunez, C Nunez, ES Shelobolina, DR Bond, and DR Lovley

Detection of Chlamydia in the peripheral blood cells of normal donors using in vitro culture, immunofluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry techniques, F Cirino, WC Webley, C West, NL Croteau, C Andrzejewski, and ES Stuart

Detection of Chlamydia in the peripheral blood cells of normal donors using in vitro culture, immunofluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry techniques, F Cirino, WC Webley, C West, NL Croteau, C Andrzejewski, and ES Stuart

Detection of Chlamydia in the peripheral blood cells of normal donors using in vitro culture, immunofluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry techniques (vol 6, pg 23, 2006), F Cirino, WC Webley, C West, NL Croteau, C Andrzejewski, and ES Stuart

Detection of Chlamydia in the peripheral blood cells of normal donors using in vitro culture, immunofluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry techniques (vol 6, pg 23, 2006), F Cirino, WC Webley, C West, NL Croteau, C Andrzejewski, and ES Stuart

Microbially induced cementation to control sand response to undrained shear, JT DeJong, MB Fritzges, and K Nusslein

Role of Rel(Gsu) in stress response and Fe(III) reduction in Geobacter sulfurreducens, LN DiDonato, SA Sullivan, BA Methe, KP Nevin, R England, and DR Lovley

The proteome of dissimilatory metal-reducing microorganism Geobacter sulfurreducens under various growth conditions, YHR Ding, KK Hixson, CS Giometti, A Stanley, A Esteve-Nunez, T Khare, SL Tollaksen, WH Zhu, JN Adkins, MS Lipton, RD Smith, T Mester, and DR Lovley

Characterization of dissimilatory Fe(III) versus NO3- reduction in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrobaculum aerophilum, LF Feinberg and JF Holden

Characterization of dissimilatory Fe(III) versus NO3- reduction in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrobaculum aerophilum (vol 188, pg 525, 2006), LF Feinberg and JF Holden

c-Type Cytochromes in Pelobacter carbinolicus, SA Haveman, DE Holmes, YHR Ding, JE Ward, RJ DiDonato, and DR Lovley

Microarray and genetic analysis of electron transfer to electrodes in Geobacter sulfurreducens, DE Holmes, SK Chaudhuri, KP Nevin, T Mehta, BA Methe, A Liu, JE Ward, TL Woodard, J Webster, and DR Lovley

Citric acid cycle in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrobaculum islandicum grown autotrophically, heterotrophically, and mixotrophically with acetate, YJ Hu and JF Holden

Distribution of extensive nifH gene diversity across physical soil microenvironments, JA Izquierdo and K Nusslein

Differential protein expression in the metal-reducing bacterium Geobacter sulfurreducens strain PCA grown with fumarate or ferric citrate, T Khare, A Esteve-Nunez, KP Nevin, WH Zhu, JR Yates, D Lovley, and CS Giometti

Two putative c-type multiheme cytochromes required for the expression of OmcB, an outer membrane protein essential for optimal Fe(III) reduction in Geobacter sulfurreducens, BC Kim, XL Qian, LA Ching, MV Coppi, and DR Lovley

Biofilms on biotic surfaces: A link in the carbon cycle on early Earth, S Leschine and A Alonso

Taming electricigens, D Lovley

Bug juice: harvesting electricity with microorganisms, DR Lovley

Microbial fuel cells: novel microbial physiologies and engineering approaches, DR Lovley

Harvesting energy from the marine sediment-water interface II - Kinetic activity of anode materials, DA Lowy, LM Tender, JG Zeikus, DH Park, and DR Lovley

Characterization of metabolism in the Fe(III)-reducing organism Geobacter sulfurreducens by constraint-based modeling, R Mahadevan, DR Bond, JE Butler, A Esteve-Nunez, MV Coppi, BO Palsson, CH Schilling, and DR Lovley

A putative multicopper protein secreted by an atypical type II secretion system involved in the reduction of insoluble electron acceptors in Geobacter sulfurreducens, T Mehta, SE Childers, R Glaven, DR Lovley, and T Mester

Pretreatment with delta-tocotrienol reduces Chlamydia infection in mammalian cell lines, AM Mueller, ES Stuart, and B Tan

DNA microarray and proteomic analyses of the RpoS regulon in Geobacter sulfurreducens, C Nunez, A Esteve-Nunez, C Giometti, S Tollaksen, T Khare, W Lin, DR Lovley, and BA Methe

Broad-spectrum antibacterial activity by a novel abiogenic peptide mimic, K Nusslein, L Arnt, J Rennie, C Owens, and GN Tew

Biofilm and nanowire production leads to increased current in Geobacter sulfurreducens fuel cells, G Reguera, KP Nevin, JS Nicoll, SF Covalla, TL Woodard, and DR Lovley

Evolutionary origins of the eukaryotic shikimate pathway: Gene fusions, horizontal gene transfer, and endosymbiotic replacements, TA Richards, JB Dacks, SA Campbell, JL Blanchard, PG Foster, R McLeod, and CW Roberts

Precision electroweak measurements on the Z resonance, S Schael, R Barate, R Bruneliere, D Buskulic, I De Bonis, D Decamp, P Ghez, C Goy, S Jezequel, JP Lees, A Lucotte, F Martin, E Merle, MN Minard, JY Nief, P Odier, B Pietrzyk, B Trocme, S Bravo, MP Casado, M Chmeissani, P Comas, JM Crespo, E Fernandez, M Fernandez-Bosman, L Garrido, E Grauges, A Juste, M Martinez, G Merino, R Miquel, LM Mir, S Orteu, A Pacheco, IC Park, J Perlas, I Riu, H Ruiz, F Sanchez, A Colaleo, D Creanza, N De Filippis, M de Palma, G Iaselli, G Maggi, M Maggi, S Nuzzo, A Ranieri, G Raso, F Ruggieri, G Selvaggi, L Silvestris, P Tempesta, A Tricomi, G Zito, X Huang, J Lin, Q Ouyang, T Wang, Y Xie, R Xu, S Xue, J Zhang, L Zhang, W Zhao, D Abbaneo, A Bazarko, U Becker, G Boix, F Bird, E Blucher, B Bonvicini, P Bright-Thomas, T Barklow, O Buchmuller, M Cattaneo, F Cerutti, V Ciulli, B Clerbaux, H Drevermann, RW Forty, M Frank, TC Greening, R Hagelberg, AW Halley, F Gianotti, M Girone, JB Hansen, J Harvey, R 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Successful removal of Chlamydia pneumoniae from plateletpheresis products collected using automated leukoreduction hemapheresis techniques, W Webley, E Stuart, F Cirino, F Cahili, T Stec, and C Andrzejewski

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Submissions from 2005

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Microbial incorporation of C-13-labeled acetate at the field scale: Detection of microbes responsible for reduction of U(VI), YJ Chang, PE Long, R Geyer, AD Peacock, CT Resch, K Sublette, S Pfiffner, A Smithgall, RT Anderson, HA Vrionis, JR Stephen, R Dayvault, I Ortiz-Bernad, DR Lovley, and DC White

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The bronchial lavage of pediatric patients with asthma contains infectious Chlamydia, WC Webley, PS Salva, C Andrzejewski, F Cirino, CA West, Y Tilahun, and ES Stuart

The bronchial lavage of pediatric patients with asthma contains infectious Chlamydia, WC Webley, PS Salva, C Andrzejewski, F Cirino, CA West, Y Tilahun, and ES Stuart

Submissions from 2004

Nonhemolytic abiogenic polymers as antimicrobial peptide mimics, L Arnt, K Nusslein, and GN Tew

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, rapidly evolving tools for interpreting plant response to global change, JL Blanchard

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Caveolin-2 associates with intracellular chlamydial inclusions independently of caveolin-1, WC Webley, LC Norkin, and ES Stuart

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Cell surface display of the chlamydial glycolipid exoantigen (GLXA) demonstrated by antibody-dependent complement-mediated cytotoxicity, WC Webley, GJ Vora, and ES Stuart

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