Department Chair: Rafael A. Fissore

Our research mission is to understand the basic processes that regulate animal and human health, fertility and productivity, and to exploit this knowledge to benefit companion and food animals as well as people. Our teaching mission is to prepare undergraduate and graduate students to become contributing members and leaders in the fields of veterinary and human health, animal biotechnology, production agriculture and equitation. Our undergraduate curriculum is designed to develop scientific awareness of cell and molecular biology, critical and ethical thinking, laboratory and animal management skills, and verbal and written communication. These attributes are acquired through laboratory and lecture courses, independent studies in nationally and internationally recognized research programs directed by our faculty, independent studies and internships and participation in student run vocational programs at our Hadley Farm complex. Our graduate curriculum and research programs are designed to help talented and focused students achieve creative excellence, technical mastery, intellectual independence, and recognition within the field of molecular and cellular biology as it is applied to immunology, infectious disease, developmental biology, reproductive biology, and toxicology.


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