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This poster will elaborate on the expansion of services provided by the Visual Resources Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). These expansions were implemented to provide further support to faculty's evolving technological needs.

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May 12th, 3:00 PM

Expanding Library Services from a Visual Resources Perspective

Fireplace Lounge

This poster will address new services that librarians can implement to better support the needs of their patrons. It will focus on initiatives taken within the past year by Visual Resources staff at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), who work within the University’s History of Art department.

Across college campuses, visual resource centers have gone through unprecedented change over the last 15 years. After transitioning from slide libraries to digital image collections, visual resource centers now face the challenges and opportunities of staying relevant in an age where high quality visual materials are easier for patrons to find on their own. However, while the digital age has produced an increased use of images in academic, professional, and personal projects, the implications of using these visuals remains complicated. Many patrons are uninformed about how to best find images and how to use them ethically. Libraries and related offices can help navigate these challenges, and in doing so will continue to provide much-needed support to their users.

Expansions of services from FIT’s Visual Resources office include:
• reference interviews to assist faculty in finding obscure visual materials online
• copyright and fair use advising
• one-shot sessions and workshops to promote visual literacy and image research skills
• advice on maintaining personal digital collections
• expanded digitization services to include text and video in addition to images

Such initiatives may also be put in place by information professionals in any kind of library.


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