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Amy Bocko, Emerson CollegeFollow



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Digital Initiatives Librarian Amy Bocko will share techniques, strategies and resources to launching a sustainable digitization program at small-scale institutions.


Sustainability, digital projects, digitization, academic institutions, small colleges


May 12th, 10:15 AM May 12th, 11:15 AM

Digital Initiatives Bootcamp: Launching Digital Projects at Small Institutions with Limited Resources

Chittenden Room

The modern library has seen a new area of our holdings and collection efforts emerge: unique digital collections. As our users’ needs and fluency with technology have changed, so have our library services and avenues for information delivery. Our users want digital materials at the ready, and they want them now! While our holdings have easily adapted to acquiring additional databases and new ebooks, how do we address the growing need for our unique materials to be digitized? Moreover, how do small, resource strapped institutions fulfill this need? Our directive is clear: our libraries need to commit to digital initiatives programs and must do so in a way that is thoughtful, programmatic and mindful of the library’s resources and mission.

In this interactive session, digital projects librarian Amy Bocko will discuss the process of creating two digital initiatives programs from the ground up and successful methods/strategies she’s learned along the way. She will share techniques for effective digital project management and institutional buy-in, and ways to implement existing staffing and resources into new digital workflows. This session will serve as a crash course on launching sustainable library-driven digital projects, regardless of the size or resources of your institution. Amy will discuss outreach efforts, lessons learned and compile useful resources for the budding small-institution digital project manager. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to lay the foundation for a digital initiatives program.


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