Session Description

Two instruction librarians and one faculty member collaborated to assess the development of students’ information literacy skills in a writing course using various pedagogical models, specifically, how library information sessions and online instruction modules can be used to supplement traditional classroom curriculum on information literacy in first-year composition classrooms. Students received regular instruction in writing skills from the course instructor, and information literacy instruction from the librarians, and prior to attending librarian-conducted instruction sessions, students utilized Credo Instruct information literacy modules (videos and tutorials). These materials introduced students to a broad range of information literacy skills ranging from information assessment and procurement to the proper citation of quality sources. Takeaways include how a reflective journal can help students with their metacognition of the information involved; how utilizing online modules in a “flipped classroom” manner improves student learning; and how librarians working closely with faculty improves students’ information literacy as well as instruction librarians’ teaching.

Type of Library

University Library


reflective journals, flipped classrooms, collaboration, faculty, instruction librarian, credo instruct, credo


May 6th, 2:30 PM May 6th, 3:15 PM

Assessing Flipped Classrooms Through Reflective Journals

Casco Bay Ballroom


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