Session Description

The success of Research Data Management (RDM) programs at universities relies principally upon outreach and collaboration. Since arriving at the UConn library in June 2017, we have rebuilt a research data management outreach and education program that was largely dormant. Collaboration and outreach consist largely of metaphorically “opening doors” for others in our campus’ research community: graduate students, faculty, staff, and upper-class undergraduates. We aim to increase awareness of research data management best practices, and thereby improve the success of research completed at our university.

Type of Library

University Library


outreach, programming, data management, research data, research data management, workshops, community building, networking, roundtables


May 6th, 2:30 PM May 6th, 3:15 PM

Opening Doors to Research Success: Data Management Programming and Outreach

Casco Bay Ballroom


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