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How does teaching data visualization and information literacy intersect in a way that supports project-based learning? Looking deeper into this process of SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching) and assessment may well hold the keys to successful planning of PBL (Project-based learning) and assessment.

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Data Visualization, Information Literacy, Social Explorer, GIS (Geographic Information System), Visual Literacy, Geospatial Data Literacy, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, O'Brien's Compass, Sociology, Data Analysis, Black Placemaking

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SOCBLK_Final_Research_Paper_Guidelines.pdf (182 kB)
Soc/Blk Chocolate Cities Final Research Paper Guidelines

Social_Explorer_Instructions-Fall_2020_Chocolate_Cities.pdf (940 kB)
Social Explorer Instructions Fall 2020

List_of_Famous_Black_Americans_Levin_Library_Resources.pdf (104 kB)
List of Famous Black Americans / Levin Library Resources

Racial_and_Ethnic_Composition_of_an_Urban_ZCTA_and_Census_Tracts__Data_Analysis_Lab__.pdf (208 kB)
Racial and Ethnic Composition of an Urban ZCTA and Census Tracts Data Lab Analysis


May 27th, 9:00 AM May 27th, 9:50 AM

Balancing Teaching Information Literacy and Data Visualization: Teaching Strategies, Challenges and Outcomes


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