Session Description

In this presentation you will learn how to foster fitness and well-being in your library and workplace. This event encourages employees to use either the employee fitness center or the “gym” on campus, in hours before or after work, or during the lunch hour. It also includes individual exercise, as well as other activities like short walk breaks or “walk and talk” meetings. Advantages for the library include: increased contact with faculty and staff, leading to additional instruction sessions and requests to create or tailor LibGuides for courses and programs; a fun “healthy” competition between library and IT staff (who are housed in the library); and an exemplary way to exhibit a better work/life balance. Learn about the events that were held leading up to the race, including successes and failures, and return to your campus invigorated and ready to run, walk, or roll!

Type of Library

College Library; University Library


fitness, wellness, community, mental health, physical health, team bonding, outreach, collaboration, campus library connections, partnerships


May 25th, 2:00 PM May 25th, 2:50 PM

Creating "Healthy" Connections: What Role Can the Library Play in Fitness and Wellness Programs?


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