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I will give a presentation about the creation of the “Books at Berklee” program. This program was an adaptive outgrowth created during the pandemic to bring the Library’s resources closer to the Berklee community, and to keep our community informed, curious, and engaged. Starting in early 2021, I opened up a new avenue of opportunity to create engagement by interviewing many faculty and staff about a book of their own authorship or creation, or, a resource from the Library of special interest to them. I then reviewed the resource or read the book and developed a series of questions to use during the interviews. These interviews were recorded on Zoom. Later, links were sent to various Berklee community lists and newsletters throughout the campus and added to the Library’s Youtube pages and listed on the Library’s social media presence. The videos not only marketed the Library’s resources, but gave faculty an important platform in which to promote a topic or book of special interest to them, stay connected, and enhance morale at a time while the pandemic wore on and on. The workshop will focus on building connections around campus, how to look for those opportunities, and building community through interactive discussions. A brief presentation will be followed by workshop. Questions will be welcomed during the workshop portion of the presentation. Workshop will talk about 1) approaching faculty or staff; 2) Reading books for developing questions; 3) Brief primer on online interview techniques

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Community College Library; College Library; University Library


faculty outreach, book reviews, interviews, outreach, marketing resources

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Jun 1st, 1:00 PM Jun 1st, 2:00 PM

Books at Berklee: Re-Imaginations for a Time of Resilience