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In order to prepare future preschool to twelfth grade (P-12) educators and researchers, it is vital that youth literature collections in academic libraries reflect diverse and intersecting identities. However, simply including books with historically underrepresented characters in our library collections is not enough. A deeper understanding of the breadth of representation is necessary to prepare students for the communities they will serve. Current and emerging librarians who work with pre-service educators and researchers must be well versed in the different types of representation found in youth literature and know how to communicate with their communities about the power of inclusive collections to reach and empower young readers.

In this presentation, the presenters will share their adaptation of the Diverse BookFinder categories (focused on racial and ethnic representation) to analyze LGBTQIA+ representation in picture books. In building a detailed glossary for classifying the representation of specific LGBTQIA+ identities, the presenters examined which identities are represented most prevalently, how frequently LGBTQIA+ characters are depicted with intersecting marginalized identities, and which identities are still lacking in picture book representation. Finally, the presenters will share their findings from a secondary analysis on the terminology used in picture book summaries and professional reviews to determine the scope of LGBTQIA+ visibility in information used by librarians and readers to discover LGBTQIA+ materials.

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College Library; University Library


LGBTQIA+ representation, diversity audit, picture books, children’s literature, curriculum materials, rainbow books

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Jun 2nd, 2:00 PM Jun 2nd, 3:00 PM

Rainbow Reflections: Exploring LGBTQIA+ Representation in Curriculum Materials Library Picture Book Collections


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