Angelika Kratzer FestSite

Angelika Kratzer FestSite

This FestSite for Angelika Kratzer on ScholarWorks@UMassAmherst has been established in honor of Angelika as part of the celebration of her retirement from the Linguistics Department at UMass Amherst and her 70th birthday. An online Festschrift for Angelika assembling contributed scholarly papers forms the first subsection part of this FestSite. Other sorts of contributions to the FestSite are encouraged: personal essays, poems, squibs or scholarly papers not intended for the Festschrift; photos and images, to be displayed in an online gallery; short messages or greetings to be gathered in a FestGuestBook.

The celebration of Angelika’s retirement and 70th birthday also includes Festivities taking place at UMass Amherst March 9-10 2018, and a Fest Fund for the Sophie O’Brian Scholarship at UMass, to which donations are welcome.

Submissions to the Festschrift are to be made directly to the editors-- Ilaria Frana, Paula Menendez Benito and Rajesh Bhatt. The Festschrift submissions deadline is February 1, 2018. These contributions will appear in a Festschrift section of the AK_festsite shortly before the March 9-10 Festivities. Submissions for the Images and Photos section and for the Personal Essays, Poems and Scholarly Papers section can be made through the relevant section links below. Short messages or greetings for Angelika for the FestGuestBook section of the AK_festsite_should be sent to Lisa Green ( before the end of February 2018. They will be collected and compiled in a document that will form the FestGuestBook section of the AK_festsite.


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