Submissions from 2023


Frequency of Phytoestrogen Consumption and Symptoms at Midlife among Bangladeshis in Bangladesh and London, Lynnette Leidy Sievert, Taniya Sharmeen, Khurshida Begum, Shanthi Muttukrishna, Osul Chowdhury, and Gillian R. Bentley

Submissions from 2021


Ecological Consequences of a Millennium of Introduced Dogs on Madagascar, Sean W. Hixon, Kristina G. Douglass, Laurie R. Godfrey, Laurie Eccles, Brooke E. Crowley, Lucien Marie Aimé Rakotozafy, Geoffrey Clark, Simon Haberle, Atholl Anderson, and Henry T. Wright


When Does Fertility End? The Timing of Tubal Ligations and Hysterectomies, and the Meaning of Menopause, Lynnette Leidy Sievert, Laura Huicochea-Gómez, Diana Cahuich-Campos, Lynn Morrison, and Daniel E. Brown


Dominance Style Is a Key Predictor of Vocal Use and Evolution Across Nonhuman Primates, Anna H. Weyher, Eithne Kavanagh, Sally E. Street, Felix O. Angwela, Thore J. Bergman, Maryjka B. Blaszczyk, Laura M. Bolt, Margarita Briseño-Jaramillo, Michelle Brown, and Chloe Chen-Kraus

Submissions from 2017


A tale of two courses: challenging Millenials to experience culture through film, Katie Kirakosian, Virginia McLaurin, and Cary Speck

Submissions from 2014


Plus Ça Change: From Postprocessualism to “Big Data”, Elizabeth S. Chilton


Eastern Atlantic Coast, Elizabeth S. Chilton and Meredith D. Hardy


Strategic Authenticity and Voice: New Ways of Seeing and Being Seen as Young Mothers through Digital Storytelling, Aline C. Gubrium, Elizabeth L. Krause, and Kasey Jernigan


Digging and Destruction: Artifact Collecting as Meaningful Social Practice, Siobhan M. Hart and Elizabeth S. Chilton

Submissions from 2013


“Calling the Question” The Politics of Time in a Time of Polarized Politics, Elizabeth L. Krause and Anurag Sharma

Submissions from 2012


The Archaeology of Immateriality, Elizabeth S. Chilton


Visual interventions and the “crises in representation” in environmental anthropology: Researching environmental justice in a Hungarian Romani neighborhood, Krista Harper


Host Longevity and Parasite Species Richness in Mammals, Jason M. Kamilar, Natalie Cooper, and Charles L. Nunn


RUNX2 tandem repeats and the evolution of facial length in placental mammals, Jason M. Kamilar, Marie A. Pointer, Vera Warmuth, Stephen G.B. Chester, Frédéric Delsuc, Nicholas I. Mundy, Robert J. Asher, and Brenda J. Bradley

Submissions from 2010

Trophic assessment of giant lemurs and associated fauna from Andrahomana Cave, Madagascar by LA-ICP-MS., BA Alex, KM Muldoon, LR Godfrey, and SJ King

Skeletal evidence of stress in Sonora, Mexico: A case study for how Ales Hrdlicka's collection techniques confound the osteological paradox., H Bauer-Clapp and V Perez

Timing of estrus in brown mouse lemur females from Ranomafana National Park, southeastern Madagascar: Implications for reproductive strategies., MB Blanco, LR Godfrey, and PC Wright

Japanese-Americans show enhanced blood pressure responsiveness compared to European Americans when reporting negative moods: The Hilo women's health study., DE Brown, LL Sievert, LA Morrison, and AM Reza

"Life History Space": A Multivariate Analysis of Life History Variation in Extant and Extinct Malagasy Lemurs, KK Catlett, GT Schwartz, LR Godfrey, and WL Jungers


Teaching Heritage Values through Field Schools: Case Studies from New England, Elizabeth S. Chilton

New support for a human hand in the collapse of Madagascar's megafaunal community: Using C-14 dates to track species persistence and population decline during the Holocene., BE Crowley, LR Godfrey, and DA Burney

A structural analysis of feeding in Archaeolemur and Hadropithecus using finite element analysis., ER Dumont, LR Godfrey, and TM Ryan

Dental complexity, topographic relief, and dietary reconstruction in subfossil lemurs., LR Godfrey, SJ King, KM Muldoon, and MB Blanco

Do impact forces associated with horseback riding result in stronger femora?, B Holt, N Radi, G Belcastro, and A Canci


The climatic niche diversity of Malagasy primates: A phylogenetic approach, Jason M. Kamilar and Kathleen M. Muldoon

Is there an association between BMI and hot flashes: The Hilo Women's Health Study., L Morrison, D Brown, L Sievert, A Reza, and N Rahberg

Predation on subfossil Prolemur by multiple predator species: Evidence from Ankarana Massif, northern Madagascar., KM Muldoon, LR Godfrey, and EL Simons

The taphonomy of violence: deconstructing social behavior through the paleopathology of trauma analysis., VR Perez

Subchondral Bone Apparent Density and Locomotor Behavior in Extant Primates and Subfossil Lemurs Hadropithecus and Pachylemur, JD Polk, SA Williams, JV Peterson, CC Roseman, and LR Godfrey

Are cross-population differences in hot flash frequency due to variation in women's awareness of hot flashes?, LL Sievert, K Begum, T Sharmeen, L Murphy, S Muttukrishna, and GR Bentley

Submissions from 2009

The effect of migration on ovarian reserve in adult Bangladeshi women, K Begum, S Muttukrishna, T Sharmeen, LL Sievert, O Chowdhury, and GR Bentley

Changing environments, developmental plasticity and life history traits., GR Bentley, LL Sievert, K Begum, T Sharmeen, AN de-la Mora, and S Muttukrishna

Growing as cheirogaleids: life history and age-related differences between eastern mouse and dwarf lemurs., MB Blanco, V Rahalinarivo, and LR Godfrey


Do Japanese American women really have fewer hot flashes than European Americans? The Hilo Women's Health Study, Daniel E. Brown, Lynnette Leidy Sievert, Lynn A. Morrison, Angela M. Reza, and Phoebe S. Mills


Crafting Collaborative Archaelogies: Two Case Studies from New England, Elizabeth S. Chilton and Siobhan M. Hart

Sex differences in the effects of childhood maternal "over-protectiveness" on adult alcohol and tobacco consumption and body composition in a rural Dominican village, S Decker, M Flinn, R Mann, D Leone, J Gay, and J Devito

Dietary implications of relative infraorbital foramen size in the subfossil lemurs of Madagascar, LR Godfrey, MN Muchlinski, KM Muldoon, and L Tongasoa


From Democratization to Globalization to Justice: Political Generations in Hungarian Environmentalism from the 1980s to the 2000s, Krista Harper


Lives, Images, Audiences, Intentions: Participatory Visual Anthropology in a Hungarian Romani Neighborhood, Krista Harper


New Directions in Participatory Visual Ethnography: Possibilities for Public Anthropology, Krista Harper


Environmental Justice and Roma Communities in Central and Eastern Europe, Krista Harper, Tamara Steger, and Richard Filcak


Across the Bridge: Using PhotoVoice to Study Environment and Health in a Romani Community., Krista Harper and The Sajó River Association for Environment and Community Development, Hungary

Soviet-Style Neoliberalism? Nashi, Youth Voluntarism, and the Restructuring of Social Welfare in Russia, J Hemment

Thinking as Communication: Human Development, the Growth of Discourses, and Mathematizing, AW Johnson

Morphometric data and patterns of growth in wild Propithecus edivardsi at Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar., SJ King, TL Morelli, S Arrigo-Nelson, S Tecot, LR Godfrey, J Jernvall, and PC Wright

A quantitative and qualitative assessment of attitudes toward menstruation and menopause: The Hilo Women's Health Study, LA Morrison, LL Sievert, DE Brown, AM Reza, N Rahberg, and AN Goodloe

Geographic patterning in subfossil primate community dynamics in Madagascar, KM Muldoon, LR Godfrey, WL Jungers, and JW Chipman


Invasion of gallery forests by introduced species (Rattus rattus) and possible interactions with endemic small mammals at the Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve, SW Madagasear., E Rasoazanabary, IAJ Youssouf, and LR Godfrey

Symptom experience, discontent, and desire to change: The Hilo Women's Health Study, AM Reza, LL Sievert, DE Brown, LA Morrison, and N Rahberg


A Photovoice Participatory Evaluation of a School Gardening Program through the Eyes of Fifth Graders, Catherine Sands, Krista Harper, Lee Ellen Reed, and Maggie Shar

Dental microwear texture analysis of two families of subfossil lemurs from Madagascar, JR Scott, LR Godfrey, WL Jungers, RS Scott, EL Simons, MF Teaford, PS Ungar, and A Walker

Frequencies and clustering of somatic symptoms at mid-life: Comparing quantitative and qualitative responses, LL Sievert and CM Obermeyer

Dietary intake and hot flash frequencies in Bangadeshi residents, Bangladeshi migrants, and European women in London, LL Sievert, T Sharmeen, K Begum, S Muttukrishna, O Chowdhury, and GR Bentley

Archaeology as Political Action, HM Wobst

Submissions from 2008

Discovery of sympatric Cheirogaleus species in the high-altitude rainforest of Tsinjoarivo, eastern central Madagascar: implications for biogeography and conservation., MB Blanco, LR Godfrey, M Rakotondratsima, K Samonds, JL Raharison, and MT Irwin


Queer Archaeology, Mathematical Modeling, and the Peopling of the Americas, Elizabeth S. Chilton

Isotopic fractionation patterns in primates., BE Crowley, LR Godfrey, and S Karpanty

The Age of Immunology: Conceiving a Future in an Alienating World, S Decker


New England's Forest Landscape: Ecological Legacies and Conservation Patterns Shaped by Agrarian History, David R. Foster, Brian Donahue, David Kittredge, Glenn Motzkin, Brian Hall, Billie Turner, and Elizabeth S. Chilton


From the Shoulders of a Giant: Perspectives on the Legacy of William White Howells (1908-2005), LR Godfrey

The Hadropithecus conundrum., LR Godfrey, BE Crowley, KM Muldoon, SJ King, and DA Burney


Hunters of the Ice Age: The Biology of Upper Paleolithic People, Brigitte M. Holt and Vincenzo Formicola

Engaged surrender: African American women and Islam, AW Johnson

Globalization and race: Transformations in the cultural production of blackness, AW Johnson

Race and multiraciality in Brazil and the United States: Converging paths?, AW Johnson

Senescence in wild lemurs: does it happen?, SJ King, S Zohdy, AR Evans, LR Godfrey, J Jernvall, and PC Wright

Sheltering women: Negotiating gender and violence in northern Italy, EL Krause

New hand bones of Hadropithecus stenognathus: implications for the paleobiology of the Archaeolemuridae, P Lemelin, MW Hamrick, BG Richmond, LR Godfrey, WL Jungers, and DA Burney

A reconstruction of the Vienna skull of Hadropithecus stenognathus., TM Ryan, DA Burney, LR Godfrey, U Gohlich, WL Jungers, N Vasey, A Walker, and G Weber

A comparison of menopausal symptoms among women in Sylhet, Bangladesh and Sylheti migrants in London, UK., T Sharmeen, L Sievert, K Begum, S Muttukrishna, and GR Bentley

Reassurance from Seattle, LL Sievert

Circadian rhythms and levels of concordance between measures of objective and subjective hot flashes in a multiethnic population., LL Sievert, A Reza, P Mills, and D Brown

Subjective and objective hot flash experience in Sylhet, Bangladesh, LL Sievert, T Sharmeen, K Begum, O Chowdhury, S Muttukrishna, and G Bentley


Attitudes toward menopause in relation to symptom experience in Puebla, Mexico, Lynnette Leidy Sievert and Graciela Espinosa-Hernandez

Submissions from 2007

Ethnic and menopausal status differences in symptom reports: The Hilo Women's Health Study., DE Brown, A Goodloe, NJM Rabach, AM Reza, LA Morrison, and LL Sievert

Lemurs through time: Using stable isotopes from modern animals to understand extinct communities., BE Crowley, PL Kochz, LR Godfrey, and DA Burney


Resource Availability and Stature Decrease in Upper Palaeolithic Europe, V Formicolal and Brigitte M. Holt

In memoriam: The megafauna of Madagascar., LR Godfrey, GT Schwartz, WL Jungers, MT Irwin, KE Samonds, KK Catlett, and DA Burney

Public anthropology and the paradoxes of participation: Participatory action research and critical ethnography in provincial Russia, J Hemment

A test of the relationship between health status and body proportions., B Holt and D Tompkins

And the band played on: maintaining dental function across the life span in Hadropithecus stenognathus, an extinct giant lemur from Madagascar., SJ King, A Hitchcock, GT Schwartz, and LR Godfrey

Garlic and oil: Food and politics in Italy, EL Krause


Manifesto for Voice, Elizabeth L. Krause

Fertility politics as "Social viagra": Reproducing boundaries, social cohesion, and modernity in Italy, EL Krause and M Marchesi

Cross-cultural comparisons: midlife, aging, and menopause, CM Obermeyer and LL Sievert

Dental microwear texture analysis of megaladapids and archaeolemurids., JR Scott, PS Ungar, WL Jungers, LR Godfrey, RS Scott, EL Simons, MF Teaford, and A Walker

Acre-related differences in health complaints: The Hilo women's health study, LL Sievert, LA Morrison, AM Reza, DE Brown, E Kalua, and HAT Tefft

Vasomotor symptoms among Japanese-American and European-American women living in Hilo, Hawaii, LL Sievert, L Morrison, DE Brown, and AM Reza

Symptom groupings at midlife: cross-cultural variation and association with job, home, and life change, LL Sievert, CM Obermeyer, and M Saliba

Saving languages: An introduction to language revitalization, J Urla

Submissions from 2006

New discoveries of skeletal elements of Hadropithecus stenognathus from Andrahomana Cave, southeastern Madagascar, LR Godfrey, WL Jungers, DA Burney, N Vasey, W Wheeler, P Lemelin, LJ Shapiro, GT Schwartz, SJ King, MF Ramarolahy, LL Raharivony, and GFN Randria

The secrets of lemur teeth, LR Godfrey, GT Schwartz, KE Samonds, WL Jungers, and KK Catlett


Wild Capitalism: Environmental Activism and Postsocialist Political Ecology in Hungary, Krista Harper


Great Expectations? The Changing Role of “Europe” in Romani Activism in Hungary, Krista Harper and Peter Vermeersch


Dangerous Demographies: The Scientific Manufacture of Fear, Elizabeth L. Krause