From the introduction: "The Nepeña Valley is situated on the north coast of Peru, 393 kilometers from Lima via the Pan American Highway (see map). Politically the valley constitutes a district within the Department of Ancash and the Province of Santa. To the south, at a distance of about 31 kilometers, lies the Casma Valley, separated from Nepeña by barren desert and rather formidable extensions of the Andes mountains which parallel the borders of the valley. To the north of Nepeña is the city of Chimbote, 25 kilometers away, with a population close to 100,000. Chimbote has become the major port for Nepeña, particularly for the sugar interests. The Santa Valley is 17 kilometers north of Chimbote, or about 42 kilometers north of Nepeña. The estimated population of the Nepeña Valley is 20,000 people."


Submissions from 1968


An Archaeological Survey of the Nepeña Valley, Peru, Donald A. Proulx