From the introduction: "This bibliography is not intended to be exhaustive but rather consists of extensive sampling of available publications issued in the United States, England, Yugoslavia and other countries. Particular attention has been paid to items dealing with socio-economic matters. An extensive bibliography dealing primarily with Yugoslav politics is available in the study of Yugoslav Communism prepared for the Committee on the Judiciary of the United States Senate (October 8, 1961, U. S. Government Printing Office), pp. 307-370. Additional citations can also be found in the publications of the Yugoslav Bibliographical Institute of Belgrade.

"This publication is intended to serve chiefly as a research aid to English speaking students and scholars who are not able to deal with Serbo-Croatian materials. It also provides a general indication of the kinds of research undertaken by American and English scholars as well as the writings of journalists. In addition an attempt has been made to include a number of publications in English issued by various Yugoslav and American government agencies, particularly in the post-war period."