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Artist Statement

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, curator, writer, researcher and educator with over 15 years working experience in the arts. My upbringing in a multi-racial, multinational, working class family guides the perspectives I seek to uplift across a variety of disciplines in my work. For the decade prior to pursuing my MFA at UMass, I devised, designed and performed my own original works of theater and installation in New York City at a variety of professional venues. In May 2022 I was accepted into the phD program in the History department of UMass Amherst where I will study 20th and 21st century American history and contemporary arts visual culture through a public history lens.

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Susan Jahoda


Haraway, Tsing, Mushroom, Sculpture, Installation Art, Video Art, Contemporary Art, Feminism, New Materialism


Arts and Humanities

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The Name is a Guest of the Substance