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The publication of Laurence G. Thompson's Chinese Religion in Western Languages: A Comprehensive and Classified Bibliography of Publications in English, French, and German through 1980 (Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1985) was a great milestone in the study of Chinese religions. For the first time, a complete bibliography of English, French and German writings on Chinese religions was assembled into a single research source. The entire field of Chinese religious studies is indebted to Professor Thompson for this extraordinary feat of bibliographic research.

At the request of Professor Julian F. Pas, I compiled "Western Language Publications on Chinese Religions, 1981-1987" (in Pas 1989) as a supplement to Chinese Religion in Western Languages. Due to limitations of time and library resources, I could not possibly prepare a research tool anywhere near as comprehensive nor as cogently organized as Professor Thompson's bibliography.

The present bibliography corrects some errors and supplies many entries missing in my previous list, and also brings the coverage forward to 1989. The coverage is also expanded to include Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Nestorianism, and Manichaeism in China. Unfortunately the bibliography is still limited to being a list of articles from a small number of common journals, monographs and collections, including many references (which I could not verify) taken from published bibliographies and footnotes. Although the bibliography is very incomplete, I hope it will be of some use while we await Professor Thompson's next installment of Chinese Religion in Western Languages.