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Edited by Joel M. Halpern and Lucy Nguyen-Hong-Nhiem

With collaboration of: Sommala Khoxayo and Robyn Bateman


This bibliography is intended as a tentative compilation for the use of students and researchers. The focus is on the migrations of Cambodian, Hmong, Lao and Vietnamese to the United States and their subsequent history in North America, however, selected references dealing with their cultures of origin are also included. Only English language sources are cited and the main emphasis is on formally published materials although some government reports and theses are included.

The basis for this bibliography is the computer file compiled by the Southeast Asian Refugee Studies (SARS) Project at the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. For the use of this file we are indebted to Dr. Glenn Hendricks and his associate Peggy Wolfe. Only English language sources are included and papers given at conferences are not listed.

It should be noted that all Ph.D. dissertations from the U.S. are available from University Microfilms of Ann Arbor, Michigan and summaries can be found in Dissertation Abstracts. Like all bibliographies of ongoing research this is basically a compilation for a point in time.

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