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The Astrophysical Journal


We present a 0.3–4.5 μm 16-band photometric catalog for the Spitzer/HETDEX Exploratory Large-Area (SHELA) survey. SHELA covers an ∼27 deg2 field within the footprint of the Hobby–Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX). Here we present new DECam imaging and an rizKs band–selected catalog of four million sources extracted using a fully model-based approach. We validate our photometry by comparing with the model-based DECam Legacy Survey. We analyze the differences between model-based and aperture photometry by comparing with the previous SHELA catalog, finding that our model-based photometry can measure point sources to fainter fluxes and better capture the full emission of resolved sources. The catalog is 80% (50%) complete at riz ∼ 24.7 (25.1) AB mag, and the optical photometry reaches a 5σ depth of ∼25.5 AB mag. We measure photometric redshifts and achieve a 1σ scatter of Δz/(1 + z) of 0.04 with available spectroscopic redshifts at 0 ≤ z ≤ 1. This large-area, multiwavelength photometric catalog, combined with spectroscopic information from HETDEX, will enable a wide range of extragalactic science investigations.







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