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The Astrophysical Journal


We introduce the New-ANGELS program, an XMM-Newton survey of a ∼7.2 deg2 area around M31, which aims to study the X-ray populations in the M31 disk and the X-ray-emitting hot gas in the inner halo of M31 up to 30 kpc. In this first paper, we report the catalog of 4506 detected X-ray sources and attempt to cross-identify or roughly classify them. We identify 352 single stars in the foreground, 35 globular clusters, and 27 supernova remnants associated with M31, as well as 62 active galactic nuclei, 59 galaxies, and one galaxy cluster in the background. We uniquely classify 236 foreground stars and 17 supersoft sources based on their X-ray colors. X-ray binaries (83 low-mass and one high-mass) are classified based on their X-ray colors and X-ray variabilities. The remaining X-ray sources either have too low signal-to-noise ratios to calculate their X-ray colors or do not have a unique classification, so are regarded as unclassified. The X-ray source catalog is published online. Studies of the X-ray source populations and the contribution of X-ray sources in the unresolved X-ray emissions based on this catalog will be published in companion papers.







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