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We present the complete submillimeter data for the Canada-UK Deep Submillimeter Survey (CUDSS) 3h field. The observations were taken with the Submillimeter Common-User Bolometric Array (SCUBA) on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) on Mauna Kea. The 3h field is one of two main fields in our survey and covers 60 arcmin2 to a 3 σ depth of ~3 mJy. In this field we have detected 27 sources above 3 σ and 15 above 3.5 σ. We assume that the differential source counts follow the form N(S) S and measure α = 3.3, in good agreement with previous studies. We estimate that SCUBA sources brighter than 3 mJy are responsible for ~13% of the extragalactic background at 850 μm (after correcting for flux boosting, 20% with no correction), which is in general agreement with previous estimates made by other groups. Using preliminary Infrared Space Observatory 15 μm maps and VLA 1.4 GHz data, we have identified counterparts for 10 objects and have detected two sources at 450 μm. With this information we estimate a lower limit on the median redshift of the sample of z > 1.4 with 6%-10% lying at z < 1. We have attempted to measure the angular clustering of S850 μm > 3 mJy sources using the source catalogs from the CUDSS two main fields, the 3h and 14h fields, and find ω(θ) = 4.4 ± 2.9θ-0.8, or a 3 σ upper limit on the clustering amplitude of less than 8.7 arcsec0.8. This is consistent with clustering at least as strong as that seen for the Lyman break galaxy population and the extremely red objects. Since SCUBA sources are selected over a broader range in redshifts than these two populations, the strength of the true spatial clustering is expected to be correspondingly stronger.


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