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We present results on the size evolution of passively evolving galaxies at 1 . z . 2 drawn from the Wide Field Camera 3 Early Release Science program. Our sample was constructed using an analog to the passive BzK selection criterion, which isolates galaxies with little or no on-going star formation at z & 1.5. We identify 30 galaxies in  40 arcmin2 to H < 25 mag. We supplement spectroscopic redshifts from the literature with photometric redshifts determined from the 15-band photometry from 0.22 . 8 ƒÊm. We determine effective radii from SLersic profile fits to the H-band image using an empirical PSF. We find that size evolution is a strong function of stellar mass, with the most massive (M  1011 M ) galaxies undergoing the most rapid evolution from z  2 to the present. Parameterizing the size evolution as (1 + z). , we find a tentative scaling between and stellar mass of .1.8 + 1.4 log(M/109 M ). We briefly discuss the implications of this result for our understanding of the dynamical evolution of the red galaxies.


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