Zac Bloom

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BCT Lecture, UMass Amherst


Lecture for Building & Construction Technology at UMass Amherst, given by Zac Bloom, Vice President & Director of Sustainability & Renewables for Competitive Energy Systems.

Interweaving the complexities of budgeting and sustainability for the energy procurement strategies of universities and large institutions requires a combination of expertise and prognostication that must respond to continually changing technical environment and the volatility of local, national and global politics.

Mr. Bloom originally joined Competitive Energy Systems (CES) in 2012 as a BusinessDevelopment and Account Manager and was soon promoted to Director of Sustainability & Renewables. Now CES's Vice President, Head of Renewables & Sustainability, Mr. Bloom primarily consults with universities and large commercial customers on energy procurement strategies, budgeting, sustainability, energy benchmarking and CES’s proprietary Utility Tracker. Prior to joining CES, at UMass Amherst, Mr. Bloom focused his studies on energy benchmarking and data visualizations for large data sets associated with building’s resource consumption profiles.

Learning Objectives

1. Understanding of the components of retail electricity for both supply & local distribution companies

2. Modeling the economics of behind the meter distributed generation projects for solar and storage

3. Calculating key performance indicators such as Greenhouse gas emissions or energy use intensity for a campus or facility

4. Decarbonization strategies to meet institutional goals both onsite and offsite. (92 kB)