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Carbon Offsets & Markets

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15-10-2013 1:30 PM

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15-10-2013 2:50 PM

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Rick Wilson joined Cool Planet in 2012. Wilson was President and CEO of Cobalt Technologies from 2008 through 20011, leading the company from laboratory R&D through to demonstration scale. His tenure at Cobalt culminated in the partnership with Solvay Rhodia to deploy the technology across South America for converting sugar cane bagasse at sugar mills into n-butanol for chemicals and fuels. Wilson is a 17 year veteran of BP (Amoco). He led the turnaround of the $3.5 billion Global Derivatives chemical businesses sold to Ineos in 2005. He was Technical manager for the refining and fuels marketing group in Salt Lake City, Research Director for Hydroprocessing in Refining Technology, Manager of the Integrated Supply and Trading Business for the Australasia fuels business, and Commercial Manager (finance) for those businesses.

Keith has developed a broad skill set and experience across the North American regulatory and voluntary carbon markets. Working closely with project developers and personally completing countless GHG quantification exercises, Keith is one of Canada's foremost experts on quantifying and reporting carbon emission reductions, and project development. Keith's work focuses on the development of the technical and policy infrastructure required for functioning carbon markets. This experience extends across a wide variety of project types, including: biofuel, agriculture, enhanced oil recovery, carbon capture and storage, renewable energy, forestry, biochar and energy efficiency (oil and gas, and buildings).

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Carbon Offsets & Markets

CC 165