Submissions from 2021


The cichlid oral and pharyngeal jaws are evolutionarily and genetically coupled, Andrew J. Conith and R. Craig Albertson


Diversity in rest-activity patterns among Lake Malawi cichlid fishes suggests a novel axis of habitat partitioning, Evan Lloyd, Brian Chhouk, Andrew J. Conith, Alex C. Keene, and R. Craig Albertson


The actin networks of chytrid fungi reveal evolutionary loss of cytoskeletal complexity in the fungal kingdowm, Sarah M. Prostak, Kristyn A. Robinson, Margaret A. Titus, and Lillian K. Fritz-Laylin

Submissions from 2020


Should Networks Supplant Tree Building?, Rob DeSalle and Margaret Riley


Role of Indole Scaffolds as Pharmacophores in the Development of Anti-Lung Cancer Agents, Jyothi Dhuguru and Rachid Skouta


Modeling of Cell Nuclear Mechanics: Classes, Components, and Applications, Chad M. Hobson and Andrew D. Stephens


Structural evolution drives diversification of the large LRR-RLK gene family, Jarrett Man, Joseph P. Gallagher, and Madelaine Bartlett


Hedgehog signaling is necessary and sufficient to mediate craniofacial plasticity in teleosts, Dina Navon, Ira Male, Emily R. Tetrault, Benjamin Aaronson, Rolf O. Karlstrom, and R. Craig Albertson


Genomic Evidence for Complex Domestication History of the Cultivated Tomato in Latin America, Hamid Razifard, Alexis Ramos, Audrey L. Della Valle, Cooper Bodary, Erika Goetz, Elizabeth J. Manser, Xiang Li, Sofia Visa, Denise Tieman, Esther van der Knaap, and Ana L. Caicedo


Colony-Level Effects of Amygdalin on Honeybees and Their Microbes, James P. Tauber, Cansu Ö. Tozkar, Ryan S. Schwarz, Dawn Lopez, Rebecca E. Irwin, Lynn S. Adler, and Jay D. Evans


Introductory biology undergraduate students' mixed ideas about genetic information flow, Juli D. Uhl, Kamali N. Sripathi, Jenifer N. Saldanha, Rosa A. Moscarella, John Merrill, Mark Urban-Lurain, and Kevin C. Haudek

Submissions from 2019


Pollen from multiple sunflower cultivars and species reduces a common bumblebee gut pathogen, George M. LoCascio, Luis A. Aguirre, Rebecca E. Irwin, and Lynn S. Adler


Larrea tridentata Extract Mitigates Oxidative Stress-Induced Cytotoxicity in Human Neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y Cells, Karla Morán-Santibañez, Abimael H. Vasquez, Armando Varela-Ramirez, Veronica Henderson, Janae Sweeney, Valerie Odero-Marah, Karine Fenelon, and Rachid Skouta


Mixed Student Ideas about Mechanisms of Human Weight Loss, Kamali N. Sripathi, Rosa A. Moscarella, Rachel Yoho, Hye Sun You, Mark Urban-Lurain, John Merrill, and Kevin Haudek


Microtubule plus-ends act as physical signaling hubs to activate RhoA during cytokinesis, Vikash Verma and Thomas J. Maresca


Classical and Emerging Regulatory Mechanisms of Cytokinesis in Animal Cells, Vikash Verma, Alex Mogilner, and Thomas J. Maresca

Submissions from 2018


A high content, small molecule screen identifies candidate molecular pathways that regulate rod photoreceptor outer segment renewal, Leah J. Campbell, Megan C. West, and Abbie M. Jensen


Crop Domestication Alters Floral Reward Chemistry With Potential Consequences for Pollinator Health, Paul A. Egan, Lynn Sylvia Adler, Rebecca Irwin, Iain William Farrell, and Philip Charles Stevenson


Medicinal value of sunflower pollen against bee pathogens, Jonathan J. Giacomini, Jessica Leslie, David R. Tarpy, Evan C. Palmer-Young, Rebecca E. Irwin, and Lynn S. Adler


The Role of Standing Variation in the Evolution of Weedines Traits in South Asian Weedy Rice (Oryza spp.), Zhongyung Huang, Shannon Kelly, Rika Matsuo, Lin-Feng Li, Yaling Li, Kenneth M. Olsen, Yulin Jia, and Ana L. Caicedo


Development of Thiophene Compounds as Potent Chemotherapies for the Treatment of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Caused by Leishmania major, Felipe Rodriguez, Eva Iniguez, Guadalupe Pena Contreras, Haidar Ahmed, Thadeu E. M. M. Costa, Rachid Skouta, and Rosa A. Maldonado


Assessing the Antioxidant Properties of Larrea tridentata Extract as a Potential Molecular Therapy against Oxidative Stress, Rachid Skouta, Karla Morán-Santibañez, Carlos A. Valenzuela, Abimael H. Vasquez, and Karine Fenelon

Submissions from 2017


Sex-biased oviposition by a nursery pollinator on a gynodioecious host plant: Implications for breeding system evolution and evolution of mutualism, Laura A. D. Doubleday and Lynn S. Adler


Context-Dependent Medicinal Effects of Anabasine and Infection-Dependent Toxicity in Bumble Bees, Evan C. Palmer-Young, Alison Hogeboom, Alexander J. Kaye, Dash Donnelly, Jonathan Andicoechea, Sara June Connon, Ian Weston, Kimberly Skyrm, Rebecca E. Irwin, and Lynn S. Adler

Submissions from 2016


Floral Scent Mimicry and Vector-Pathogen Associations in a Pseudoflower-Inducing Plant Pathogen System, Scott H. McArt, Timothy D. Miles, Cesar Rodriguez-Saona, Annemiek Schilder, Lynn S. Adler, and Matthew J. Grieshop


Scientific Issues Relevant to Setting Regulatory Criteria to Identify Endocrine-Disrupting Substances in the European Union, Rémy Slama, Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Barbara Demeneix, Richard Ivell, Giancarlo Panzica, Andreas Kortenkamp, and R. Thomas Zoeller


Florivory Shapes both Leaf and Floral Interactions, Nicole L. Soper Gorden and Lynn S. Adler


Parasite Removal, but Not Herbivory, Deters Future Parasite Attachment on Tomato, Muvari Connie Tjiurutue, Evan C. Palmer-Young, and Lynn S. Adler


Population Structure in the Model Grass Brachypodium distachyon Is Highly Correlated with Flowering Differences across Broad Geographic Areas, Ludmila Tyler, Scott J. Lee, Nelson D. Young, Gregory A. Delulio, Elena Benavente, Michael Reagon, Jessica Sysopha, Riccardo M. Baldini, Angelo Troìa, Samuel P. Hazen, and Ana L. Caicedo


Perturbation Analysis of Calcium, Alkalinity and Secretion during Growth of Lily Pollen Tubes, Lawrence J. Winship, Caleb Rounds, and Peter K. Hepler


Chromosome Biorientation Produces Hundreds of Piconewtons at a Metazoan Kinetochore, Anna A. Ye, Stuart Cane, and Thomas J. Maresca

Submissions from 2015


Testing Dose-Dependent Effects of the Nectar Alkaloid Anabasine on Trypanosome Parasite Loads in Adult Bumble Bees, Winston E. Anthony, Evan C. Palmer-Young, Anne S. Leonard, Rebecca E. Irwin, and Lynn S. Adler


Constraint and diversification of developmental trajectories in cichlid facial morphologies, Kara E. Powder, Kayla Milch, Garrett Asselin, and R. Craig Albertson


Variable Effects of Nicotine, Anabasine, and their Interactions on Parasitized Bumble Bees, Lukas P. Thorburn, Lynn S. Adler, and Rebecca E. Irwin


Assessing dose–response relationships for endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs): a focus on non-monotonicity, Robert T. Zoeller and Laura N. Vandenberg

Submissions from 2014


A path forward in the debate over health impacts of endocrine disrupting chemicals, Robert T. Zoeller, Åke Bergman, Georg Becher, Poul Bjerregaard, Riana Bornman, Ingvar Brandt, Taisen Iguchi, Susan Jobling, Karen A. Kidd, Andreas Kortenkamp, Niels E. Skakkebaek, Jorma Toppari, and Laura N. Vandenberg

Submissions from 2013


Untangling the Genetic Basis of Fibrolytic Specialization by Lachnospiraceae and Ruminococcaceae in Diverse Gut Communities, Amy Biddle, Lucy Stewart, Jeffrey Blanchard, and Susan Leschine

Submissions from 2010


Aluminium reduces sugar uptake in tobacco cell cultures: a potential cause of inhibited elongation but not of toxicity, R Abdel-Basset, S Ozuka, T Demiral, T Furuichi, I Sawatani, TI Baskin, H Matsumoto, and Y Yamamoto

Alternate Pathways of Body Shape Evolution Translate into Common Patterns of Locomotor Evolution in Two Clades of Lizards, PJ Bergmann and DJ Irschick

The contributions of evolutionary divergence and phenotypic plasticity to geographic variation in the western fence lizard, Sceloporus occidentalis, CR Buckley, DJ Irschick, and SC Adolph

Female mate choice based upon male motor performance, J Byers, E Hebets, and J Podos

Predicting bite force in mammals: two-dimensional versus three-dimensional lever models, JL Davis, SE Santana, ER Dumont, and IR Grosse

Divergence with gene flow as facilitated by ecological differences: within-island variation in Darwin's finches, LF de Leon, E Bermingham, J Podos, and AP Hendry

Bone density and the lightweight skeletons of birds, ER Dumont

A structural analysis of feeding in Archaeolemur and Hadropithecus using finite element analysis., ER Dumont, LR Godfrey, and TM Ryan

Mitotic functions of kinesin-5, NP Ferenz, A Gable, and P Wadsworth

Imaging protein dynamics in live mitotic cells, NP Ferenz, N Ma, WL Lee, and P Wadsworth

The transcriptional repressor REST/NRSF modulates hedgehog signaling, KP Gates, L Mentzer, RO Karlstrom, and HI Sirotkin

Acheron, a Lupus antigen family member, regulates integrin expression, adhesion, and motility in differentiating myoblasts, HL Glenn, ZH Wang, and LM Schwartz


Identification of a cellulose synthase-associated protein required for cellulose biosynthesis, Y Gu, N Kaplinsky, M Bringmann, A Cobb, A Carroll, A Sampathkumar, TI Baskin, S Persson, and CR Somerville

Adaptation and function of the bills of Darwin's finches: divergence by feeding type and sex, A Herrel, J Soons, P Aerts, J Dirckx, M Boone, P Jacobs, D Adriaens, and J Podos

Molecular mechanisms and monitoring of permethrin resistance in human head lice, SH Lee, JM Clark, YJ Ahn, WJ Lee, KS Yoon, DH Kwon, and KM Seong

Poleward Transport of TPX2 in the Mammalian Mitotic Spindle Requires Dynein, Eg5, and Microtubule Flux, N Ma, US Tulu, NP Ferenz, C Fagerstrom, A Wilde, and P Wadsworth

Experimental Test of Predation and Competition Pressures on the Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis) in Varying Structural Habitats, DM McMillan and DJ Irschick

Polymer microlenses for quantifying cell sheet mechanics, G Miquelard-Garnier, JA Zimberlin, CB Sikora, P Wadsworth, and A Crosby

Analysis of a Zebrafish Behavioral Mutant Reveals a Dominant Mutation in atp2a1/SERCA1, BD Olson, P Sgourdou, and GB Downes

Acoustic discrimination of sympatric morphs in Darwin's finches: a behavioural mechanism for assortative mating?, J Podos


Gravitropism of Arabidopsis thaliana Roots Requires the Polarization of PIN2 toward the Root Tip in Meristematic Cortical Cells, A Rahman, M Takahashi, K Shibasaki, SA Wu, T Inaba, S Tsurumi, and TI Baskin


Genomic patterns of nucleotide diversity in divergent populations of U.S. weedy rice, Michael Reagon, Carrie Thurber, Brian Gross, Kenneth Olsen, Yulin Jia, and Ana Caicedo

Genomic patterns of nucleotide diversity in divergent populations of US weedy rice, M Reagon, CS Thurber, BL Gross, KM Olsen, YL Jia, and AL Caicedo

Mechanics of bite force production and its relationship to diet in bats, SE Santana, ER Dumont, and JL Davis

Microanatomical Assessment of Nasomaxillary Suture Patency, TD Smith, AM Burrows, and ER Dumont

Mechanical stress, fracture risk and beak evolution in Darwin's ground finches (Geospiza), J Soons, A Herrel, A Genbrugge, P Aerts, J Podos, D Adriaens, Y de Witte, P Jacobs, and J Dirckx

Disentangling defense: the function of spiny lobster sounds, ER Staaterman, T Claverie, and SN Patek


Myosin XI Is Essential for Tip Growth in Physcomitrella patens, L Vidali, GM Burkart, RC Augustine, E Kerdavid, E Tuzel, and M Bezanilla

Genome sequencing and analysis of the model grass Brachypodium distachyon, JP Vogel, DF Garvin, TC Mockler, J Schmutz, D Rokhsar, MW Bevan, K Barry, S Lucas, M Harmon-Smith, K Lail, H Tice, J Grimwood, N McKenzie, NX Huo, YQ Gu, GR Lazo, OD Anderson, FM You, MC Luo, J Dvorak, J Wright, M Febrer, D Idziak, R Hasterok, E Lindquist, M Wang, SE Fox, HD Priest, SA Filichkin, SA Givan, DW Bryant, JH Chang, HY Wu, W Wu, AP Hsia, PS Schnable, A Kalyanaraman, B Barbazuk, TP Michael, SP Hazen, JN Bragg, D Laudencia-Chingcuanco, YQ Weng, G Haberer, M Spannagl, K Mayer, T Rattei, T Mitros, SJ Lee, JKC Rose, LA Mueller, TL York, T Wicker, JP Buchmann, J Tanskanen, AH Schulman, H Gundlach, AC de Oliveira, LD Maia, W Belknap, N Jiang, JS Lai, LC Zhu, JX Ma, C Sun, E Pritham, J Salse, F Murat, M Abrouk, R Bruggmann, J Messing, N Fahlgren, CM Sullivan, JC Carrington, EJ Chapman, GD May, JX Zhai, M Ganssmann, SGR Gurazada, M German, BC Meyers, PJ Green, L Tyler, JJ Wu, J Thomson, S Chen, HV Scheller, J Harholt, P Ulvskov, JA Kimbrel, LE Bartley, PJ Cao, KH Jung, MK Sharma, M Vega-Sanchez, P Ronald, CD Dardick, S De Bodt, W Verelst, D Inze, M Heese, A Schnittger, XH Yang, UC Kalluri, GA Tuskan, ZH Hua, RD Vierstra, Y Cui, SH Ouyang, QX Sun, ZY Liu, A Yilmaz, E Grotewold, R Sibout, K Hematy, G Mouille, H Hofte, J Pelloux, D O'Connor, J Schnable, S Rowe, F Harmon, CL Cass, JC Sedbrook, ME Byrne, S Walsh, J Higgins, PH Li, T Brutnell, T Unver, H Budak, H Belcram, M Charles, B Chalhoub, and I Baxter


Treatment of Batch in the Detection, Calibration, and Quantification of Immunoassays in Large-scale Epidemiologic Studies, BW Whitcomb, NJ Perkins, PS Alpert, and EF Schisterman


A conditional mutation in Arabidopsis thaliana separase induces chromosome non-disjunction, aberrant morphogenesis and cyclin B1;1 stability, S Wu, WR Scheible, D Schindelasch, H Van Den Daele, L De Veylder, and TI Baskin

Environmental chemicals targeting thyroid, TR Zoeller

Submissions from 2009

The kinetics and kinematics of human performance: Trade-offs between force and accuracy, S Almedia and D Irschick

Alternate pathways in the evolution of body elongation, locomotor performance and kinematics in two clades of lizards, PJ Bergmann and DJ Irschick

Directional Evolution of Stockiness Coevolves with Ecology and Locomotion in Lizards, PJ Bergmann, JJ Meyers, and DJ Irschick

Spindle Positioning: Actin Mediates Pushing and Pulling, M Bezanilla and P Wadsworth

Vasopressin: more than just an output of the circadian pacemaker? Focus on "Vasopressin receptor V1a regulates circadian rhythms of locomotor activity and expression of clock-controlled genes in the suprachiasmatic nuclei", EL Bittman

Female mate choice and songbird song repertoires, BE Byers and DE Kroodsma

Complex Rearrangements Lead to Novel Chimeric Gene Fusion Polymorphisms at the Arabidopsis thaliana MAF2-5 Flowering Time Gene Cluster, AL Caicedo, C Richards, IM Ehrenreich, and MD Purugganan

The chalicothere Metaschizotherium bavaricum (Perissodactyla, Chalicotheriidae, Schizotheriinae) from the Miocene (MN5) Lagerstatte of Sandelzhausen (Germany): description, comparison, and paleoecological significance, MC Coombs

Variability in Sensory Ecology: Expanding the Bridge Between Physiology and Evolutionary Biology, O Dangles, D Irschick, L Chittka, and J Casas

Roost Making in Bats-Adaptations for Excavating Active Termite Nests, DKN Dechmann, SE Santana, and ER Dumont

A dynamic Gli code interprets Hh signals to regulate induction, patterning, and endocrine cell specification in the zebrafish pituitary, CA Devine, JL Sorogna, B Guner, M Osgood, MC Shen, and RC Karlstrom

Comparing the performance of finite element models of biological structures, ER Dumont, IR Grosse, and GJ Slater

Requirements for comparing the performance of finite element models of biological structures, ER Dumont, IR Grosse, and GJ Slater

Built to bite: cranial design and function in the wrinkle-faced bat, ER Dumont, A Herrel, RA Medellin, JA Vargas-Contreras, and SE Santana

A comparative analysis of olfactory communication in bats, TP Eiting and ER Dumont

Dentition and first postcranial description of Metaschizotherium fraasi KOENIGSWALD, 1932 (Perissodactyla: Chalicotheriidae) and its occurrence on a karstic plateau - new insights into schizotheriine morphology, relationships, and ecology, JM Fahlke and MC Coombs

Dynein Antagonizes Eg5 by Crosslinking and Sliding Antiparallel Microtubules, NP Ferenz, R Paul, C Fagerstrom, A Mogilner, and P Wadsworth

Losing stability: tail loss and jumping in the arboreal lizard Anolis carolinensis, GB Gillis, LA Bonvini, and DJ Irschick

Exploring the transcriptional landscape of plant circadian rhythms using genome tiling arrays, SP Hazen, F Naef, T Quisel, JM Gendron, HM Chen, JR Ecker, JO Borevitz, and SA Kay

Disruptive selection in a bimodal population of Darwin's finches, AP Hendry, SK Huber, LF De Leon, A Herrel, and J Podos

Tail autotomy and escape performance in a stream side salamander, J Henningsen, R Herman, and D Irschick

Force-velocity trade-off in Darwin's finch jaw function: a biomechanical basis for ecological speciation?, A Herrel, J Podos, B Vanhooydonck, and AP Hendry

Steroid use and human performance: Lessons for integrative biologists, JF Husak and DJ Irschick

Hormonal Response of Male Green Anole Lizards (Anolis carolinensis) to GnRH Challenge, JF Husak, DJ Irschick, JP Henningsen, KS Kirkbride, SP Lailvaux, and IT Moore

Hormonal regulation of whole-animal performance: Implications for selection, JF Husak, DJ Irschick, SD McCormick, and IT Moore

Functional and behavioral limits on human hammering performance, DJ Irschick and S Almeidac

Trade-offs between force and accuracy in human performance, DJ Irschick and J Henningsen

The Minerals Involved in Lobster Shell Vulnerability, JG Kunkel, MJ Jercinovic, and W Nagel

Non-Flight Use of Wings by Bats, TH Kunz, M Munoz-Romo, ER Dumont, DK Riskin, and SM Swartz