Submissions from 2009

Regulation of muscle differentiation and survival by Acheron, ZH Wang, H Glenn, C Brown, C Valavanis, JX Liu, A Seth, JE Thomas, RO Karlstrom, and LM Schwartz

Acheron, an novel LA antigen family member, binds to cask and forms a complex with id transcription factors, HF Weng, C Kim, C Valavanis, ZH Wang, and LM Schwartz

Investigation of gene Expression in C2C12 Myotubes Following simvastatin Application and Mechanical Strain, JG Yu, K Sewright, MJ Hubal, JX Liu, LM Schwartz, EP Hoffman, and PM Clarkson

Elastic energy storage in the mantis shrimp's fast predatory strike, TI Zack, T Claverie, and SN Patek

The Unique Morgue Ubiquitination Protein Is Conserved in a Diverse but Restricted Set of Invertebrates, Y Zhou, ZW Carpenter, G Brennan, and JR Nambu

Submissions from 2008


Actin depolymerizing factor is essential for viability in plants, and its phosphoregulation is important for tip growth, RC Augustine, L Vidali, KP Kleinman, and M Bezanilla

Emerging molecular mechanisms that power and regulate the anastral mitotic spindle of flowering plants, A Bannigan, M Lizotte-Waniewski, M Riley, and TI Baskin

Emerging molecular mechanisms that power and regulate the anastral mitotic spindle of flowering plants, A Bannigan, M Lizotte-Waniewski, M Riley, and TI Baskin

Expression profiling identifies novel Hh/Gli-regulated genes in developing zebrafish embryos, SA Bergeron, LA Milla, R Villegas, MC Shen, SM Burgess, ML Allende, RO Karlstrom, and V Palma

The reproductive role hypothesis explains trophic morphology dimorphism in the northern map turtle, G Bulte, DJ Irschick, and G Blouin-Demers

Geographic diversity cline of R gene homologs in wild populations of Solanum pimpinellifolium (Solanaceae), AL Caicedo

Pollen tube growth oscillations and intracellular calcium levels are reversibly modulated by actin polymerization, L Cardenas, A Lovy-Wheeler, JG Kunkel, and PK Hepler

Relationship of premaxillary bone and its sutures to deciduous dentition in nonhuman primates, KA Carmody, MP Mooney, GM Cooper, CJ Bonar, MI Siegel, ER Dumont, and TD Smith

Tissue-specific requirements for specific domains in the FERM protein Moe/Epb4.1I5 during early zebrafish development, AK Christensen and AM Jensen


Allometry of behavior, KP Dial, E Greene, and DJ Irschick


Intercourse Between Cell Wall and Cytoplasm Exemplified by Arabinogalactan Proteins and Cortical Microtubules, A Driouich and TI Baskin

A geometric morphometric appraisal of beak shape in Darwin's finches, DJ Foster, J Podos, and AP Hendry

Graded hedgehog and fibroblast growth factor signaling independently regulate pituitary cell fates and help establish the pars distalis and pars intermedia of the zebrafish adenohypophysis, B Guner, AT Ozacar, JE Thomas, and RO Karlstrom

Rapid large-scale evolutionary divergence in morphology and performance associated with exploitation of a different dietary resource, A Herrel, K Huyghe, B Vanhooydonck, T Backeljau, K Breugelmans, I Grbac, R Van Damme, and DJ Irschick

Morphological convergence as a consequence of extreme functional demands: examples from the feeding system of natricine snakes, A Herrel, SE Vincent, ME Alfaro, S Van Wassenbergh, B Vanhooydonck, and DJ Irschick

Studying the evolution of whole-organism performance capacity: sex, selection, and haiku - an introduction, DJ Irschick and JF Le Galliard

How does selection operate on whole-organism functional performance capacities? A review and synthesis, DJ Irschick, JJ Meyers, JF Husak, and JF Le Galliard

Dual role for microtubules in regulating cortical contractility during cytokinesis, K Murthy and P Wadsworth

Microanatomical assessment of fusion in facial sutures of bushbabies., LE Reinholt, AM Burrows, ER Dumont, and TD Smith

Atrophy and programmed cell death of skeletal muscle, LM Schwartz

Darwinian selection on a selfing locus (vol 306, pg 2081, 2004), KK Shimizu, JM Reininga, AL Caicedo, CA Mays, RC Moore, KM Olsen, S Ruzsa, G Coop, CD Bustamante, and MD Purugganan


Differential effects of methyl jasmonate on growth and division of etiolated zucchini cotyledons, E Stoynova-Bakalova, PI Petrov, L Gigova, and TI Baskin

Of arcs and vaults: the biomechanics of bone-cracking in spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta), JB Tanner, ER Dumont, ST Sakai, BL Lundrigan, and KE Holekamp

Photoactivatable GFP tagging cassettes for protein-tracking studies in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, C Vorvis, SM Markus, and WL Lee

Time to pump iron: iron-deficiency-signaling mechanisms of higher plants, EL Walker and EL Connolly


Two Leucine-Rich Repeat Receptor Kinases Mediate Signaling, Linking Cell Wall Biosynthesis and ACC Synthase in Arabidopsis, SL Xu, A Rahman, TI Baskin, and JJ Kieber

Living microlens arrays, JA Zimberlin, P Wadsworth, and AJ Crosby

Submissions from 2007

A conserved role for kinesin-5 in plant mitosis, A Bannigan, WR Scheible, W Lukowitz, C Fagerstrom, P Wadsworth, C Somerville, and TI Baskin


A conserved role for kinesin-5 in plant mitosis, A Bannigan, WR Scheible, W Lukowitz, C Fagerstrom, P Wadsworth, C Somerville, and TI Baskin


Circadian organization of tau mutant hamsters: Aftereffects and splitting, EL Bittman, MK Costello, and JM Brewer

Induction of anoikis following myoblast transplantation into SCID mouse muscles requires the Bit1 and FADD pathways, M Bouchentouf, BF Benabdallah, J Rousseau, LM Schwartz, and JP Tremblay

Extrapair paternity in chestnut-sided warblers is correlated with consistent vocal performance, BE Byers


Genome-Wide Patterns of Nucleotide Polymorphism in Domesticated Rice, Ana Caicedo; S. Williamson; R, Hernandez; A. Boyko; A. Fleded-Alon; T. York; N. Polato; K. Olsen; R. Nielsen; S. McCouch; C. Bustamante; and M. Purugganan

The quick and the dead: Correlational selection on morphology, performance, and habitat use in island lizards, R Calsbeek and DJ Irschick

Colicin biology, E Cascales, SK Buchanan, D Duche, C Kleanthous, R Lloubes, K Postle, M Riley, S Slatin, and D Cavard

Diversity of North American Miocene chalicotheres (Mammalia, Perissodactyla): Moropus merriami from late Heming-Fordian and early barstovian faunas of Nevada, M Coombs

The role of the EG5 kinesin in regulating radial glial cell number, KM DiPietrantonio, A Ortman, R Karlstrom, A Arnsterdam, N Hopkins, and M Barresi

Feeding mechanisms in bats: variation within the constraints of flight, ER Dumont

3D-imaging and biomechanics: Finite element modeling in comparative vertebrate morphology, ER Dumont and LR Grosse

Prophase microtubule arrays undergo flux-like behaviour in mammalian cells, NP Ferenz and P Wadsworth

Differential roles of HIC-5 isoforms in the regulation of cell death and myotube formation during myogenesis, ZL Gao, R Deblis, H Glenn, and LM Schwartz

Techniques for modeling muscle-induced forces in finite element models of skeletal structures, IR Grosse, ER Dumont, C Coletta, and A Tolleson

Cloning of zebrafish nkx6.2 and a comprehensive analysis of the conserved transcriptional response to Hedgehog/Gli signaling in the zebrafish neural tube, B Guner and RO Karlstrom

Rapid evolutionary divergence in feeding mechanics after the colonization of new environments in lizards, A Herrel, B Vanhooydonck, K Huyghe, R Van Damme, and DJ Irschick

Morphological and biomechanical correlates of differences in arboreal locomotor performance and substrate use in Anolis lizards, A Herrel, B Vanhooydonck, and D Irschick

Reproductive isolation of sympatric morphs in a population of Darwin's finches, SK Huber, LF De Leon, AP Hendry, E Bermingham, and J Podos

Honnones, sexual signals, and performance of green anole lizards (Anolis carolinensis), JF Husak, DJ Irschick, JJ Meyers, SP Lailvaux, and IT Moore

New directions for studying selection in nature Studies of performance and communities, D Irschick, JK Bailey, JA Schweitzer, JF Husak, and JJ Meyers

The adaptive basis of locomotion in terrestrial and arboreal lizards: Mechanistic and ecological approaches, DJ Irschick

A functional approach to sexual selection, DJ Irschick, A Herrel, B Vanhooydonck, and R Van Damme

An analysis of the relative roles of plasticity and natural selection in the morphology and performance of a lizard (Urosaurus ornatus), DJ Irschick and JJ Meyers

Selection on biomechanical traits; what do we know?, D Irschick and J Meyers

Optimized transmission power control of interrogators for collision arbitration in UHF RFID systems, J Kim, W Lee, E Kim, D Kim, and K Suh


Measurement of diffusion within the cell wall in living roots of Arabidopsis thaliana, EM Kramer, NL Frazer, and TI Baskin

Effects of temperature and sex on jump performance and biomechanics in the lizard Anolis carolinensis, SP Lailvaux and DJ Irschick

The evolution of performance-based male fighting ability in Caribbean Anolis lizards, SP Lailvaux and DJ Irschick

Towards an in vivo biologically inspired nanofactory, PR Leduc, MS Wong, PM Ferreira, RE Groff, K Haslinger, MP Koonce, WY Lee, JC Love, JA McCammon, NA Monteiro-Riviere, VM Rotello, GW Rubloff, R Westervelt, and M Yoda

Differential organelle movement on the actin cytoskeleton in lily pollen tubes, A Lovy-Wheeler, L Cardenas, JG Kunkel, and PK Hepler

Do displays send information about ornament structure and male quality in the ornate tree lizard, Urosaurus ornatus?, EJ McElroy, C Marien, JJ Meyers, and DJ Irschick

Dissecting the effects of behaviour and habitat on the locomotion of a lizard (Urosaurus ornatus), EJ McElroy, JJ Meyers, SM Reilly, and DJ Irschick


Disruption of arabinogalactan proteins disorganizes cortical microtubules in the root of Arabidopsis thaliana, E Nguema-Ona, A Bannigan, L Chevalier, TI Baskin, and A Driouich

Evolutionary Genomics of weedy rice in the USA, KM Olsen, AL Caicedo, and YL Jia

Discrimination of geographical song variants by Darwin's finches, J Podos

The evolution of geographic variation in birdsong, J Podos and PS Warren


Auxin, actin and growth of the Arabidopsis thaliana primary root, A Rahman, A Bannigan, W Sulaman, P Pechter, EB Blancaflor, and TI Baskin

Implications of craniofacial form for performance of the canid skull during prey killing and feeding, G Slater, E Dumont, and B Van Valkenburgh

Acheron, a novel member of the Lupus Antigen family, is induced during the programmed cell death of skeletal muscles in the moth Manduca sexta, C Valavanis, ZH Wang, H Sun, M Vaine, and LM Schwartz

A performance based approach to distinguish indices from handicaps in sexual selection studies, B Vanhooydonck, R Van Damme, A Herrel, and DJ Irschick


Profilin is essential for tip growth in the moss Physcomitrella patens, L Vidali, RC Augustine, KP Kleinman, and M Bezanilla

Development of a particle bombardment-mediated transient transformation system for Taxus spp. cells in culture, K Vongpaseuth, E Nims, MS Amand, EL Walker, and SC Roberts

Ecological dissimilarity analysis: A simple method of demonstrating community-habitat correlations for frequency data, SF Werle, NA Johnson, ER Dumont, and P Parasiewicz

Cytoplasmic dynein is responsible for the rapid poleward motions seen during mitosis in animals, Z Yang, US Tulu, P Wadsworth, and CL Rieder

Submissions from 2006


Cortical microtubule arrays lose uniform alignment between cells and are oryzalin resistant in the Arabidopsis mutant, radially swollen 6, A Bannigan, AMD Wiedemeier, RE Williamson, RL Overall, and TI Baskin

Role of non-neural signals in regulation of circadian rhythms of core clock gene expression in mouse peripheral organs, EL Bittman, A Nikiforov, R Harris, and JM Brewer

The persistence of environmentally-induced phenotypic variation in western fence lizards, CR Buckley, DJ Irschick, and SC Adolph

NAD(P)H oscillates in pollen tubes and is correlated with tip growth, L Cardenas, ST McKenna, JG Kunkel, and PK Hepler

Electroporation of DNA, RNA, and morpholinos into zebrafish embryos, GA Cerda, JE Thomas, ML Allende, RO Karlstrom, and V Palma

Mosses as model systems for the study of metabolism and development, D Cove, M Bezanilla, P Harries, and R Quatrano

SV40VP2 and VP3 insertion into ER membranes is controlled by the capsid protein VP1: Implications for DNA translocation out of the ER, R Daniels, NM Rusan, P Wadsworth, and DN Hebert

Simian virus 40 late proteins possess lytic properties that render them capable of permeabilizing cellular membranes, R Daniels, NM Rusan, AK Wilbuer, LC Norkin, P Wadsworth, and DN Hebert

Motion flow estimation from image sequences with applications to biological growth and motility, G Dong, TI Baskin, and K Palaniappan

Motion flow estimation from image sequences with applications to biological growth and motility, G Dong, TI Baskin, and K Palaniappan

Supraspinal input is dispensable to generate glycine-mediated locomotive behaviors in the zebrafish embryo, GB Downes and M Granato

The evolution of feeding mechanisms in bats: Balancing the costs of morphology and flight, ER Dumont

Cross-sectional geometry of the dentary in bats, ER Dumont and CW Nicolay

3D imaging and biomechanics: Bringing 3D finite element modeling to comparative biology, E Dumont, S Werle, and I Grosse


Suprachiasmatic regulation of circadian rhythms of gene expression in hamster peripheral organs: Effects of transplanting the pacemaker, HG Guo, JM Brewer, MN Lehman, and EL Bittman

Possible human impacts on adaptive radiation: beak size bimodality in Darwin's finches, AP Hendry, PR Grant, BR Grant, HA Ford, MJ Brewer, and J Podos

Mosaic Eyes is a novel component of the Crumbs complex and negatively regulates photoreceptor apical size, YC Hsu, JJ Willoughby, AK Christensen, and AM Jensen

Beak morphology and song features covary in a population of Darwin's finches (Geospiza fortis), SK Huber and J Podos

Hormones, sexual signals, and performance of green anole lizards (Anolis carolinensis), JF Husak, DJ Irschick, JJ Meyers, and IT Moore

A comparative analysis of natural and sexual selection in lizards, D Irschick

The FERM protein yurt is a negative regulatory component of the Crumbs complex that controls epithelial polarity and apical membrane size, P Laprise, S Beronja, NF Silva-Gagliardi, M Pellikka, AM Jensen, CJ McGlade, and U Tepass

Proton pump-rich cell secretes acid in skin of zebrafish larvae, LY Lin, JL Horng, JG Kunkel, and PP Hwang