Submissions from 2006

Supraspinal input is dispensable to generate glycine-mediated locomotive behaviors in the zebrafish embryo, GB Downes and M Granato

The evolution of feeding mechanisms in bats: Balancing the costs of morphology and flight, ER Dumont

Cross-sectional geometry of the dentary in bats, ER Dumont and CW Nicolay

3D imaging and biomechanics: Bringing 3D finite element modeling to comparative biology, E Dumont, S Werle, and I Grosse


Suprachiasmatic regulation of circadian rhythms of gene expression in hamster peripheral organs: Effects of transplanting the pacemaker, HG Guo, JM Brewer, MN Lehman, and EL Bittman

Possible human impacts on adaptive radiation: beak size bimodality in Darwin's finches, AP Hendry, PR Grant, BR Grant, HA Ford, MJ Brewer, and J Podos

Mosaic Eyes is a novel component of the Crumbs complex and negatively regulates photoreceptor apical size, YC Hsu, JJ Willoughby, AK Christensen, and AM Jensen

Beak morphology and song features covary in a population of Darwin's finches (Geospiza fortis), SK Huber and J Podos

Hormones, sexual signals, and performance of green anole lizards (Anolis carolinensis), JF Husak, DJ Irschick, JJ Meyers, and IT Moore

A comparative analysis of natural and sexual selection in lizards, D Irschick

The FERM protein yurt is a negative regulatory component of the Crumbs complex that controls epithelial polarity and apical membrane size, P Laprise, S Beronja, NF Silva-Gagliardi, M Pellikka, AM Jensen, CJ McGlade, and U Tepass

Proton pump-rich cell secretes acid in skin of zebrafish larvae, LY Lin, JL Horng, JG Kunkel, and PP Hwang

Oscillatory increases in alkalinity anticipate growth and may regulate actin dynamics in pollen tubes of lily, A Lovy-Wheeler, JG Kunkel, EG Allwood, PJ Hussey, and PK Hepler

Linking badge morphology, performance, and field behavior in the ornate tree lizard, Urosaurus ornatus, E McElroy, J Meyers, and D Irschick

Does the thermal tolerance of the Western Fence Lizard change with air temperature?, DM McMillan, SC Adolph, and DJ Irschick

Performance and niche space in a community of lizards., JJ Meyers and DJ Irschick

Maternal expression and function of the Drosophila Sox gene Dichaete during oogenesis, A Mukherjee, KV Melnattur, M Zhang, and JR Nambu

Expression profiling of genes involved in paclitaxel biosynthesis for targeted metabolic engineering, E Nims, CP Dubois, SC Roberts, and EL Walker

The biomechanics of ecological speciation, J Podos and AP Hendry


The role of ARP2/3 and Scar/WAVE complexes in polar growth of the apical cell of the moss Physcomitrella, RS Quatrano, PF Perroud, P Harries, M Bezanilla, AH Pan, P Klueh, and D Cove


A small acidic protein 1 (SMAP1) mediates responses of the Arabidopsis root to the synthetic auxin 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, A Rahman, A Nakasone, T Chhun, C Ooura, KK Biswas, H Uchimiya, S Tsurumi, TI Baskin, A Tanaka, and Y Oono

Latitudinal variation in whistle structure of the estuarine dolphin Sotalia guianensis, MR Rossi-Santos and J Podos

Rapid hydrogen sulfide consumption by Tetrahymena pyriformis and its implications for the origin of mitochondria, DG Searcy

belladonna/(lhx2) is required for neural patterning and midline axon guidance in the zebrafish forebrain, A Seth, J Culverwell, M Walkowicz, S Toro, JM Rick, SCF Neuhauss, ZM Varga, and RO Karlstrom

Molecular requirements for kinetochore-associated microtubule formation in mammalian cells, US Tulu, C Fagerstrom, NP Ferenz, and P Wadsworth

Evolution of sexual dimorphism in habitat use and escape behaviour in Anolis lizards., B Vanhooydonck, A Herrel, and DJ Irschick

The quick and the fast: The evolution of acceleration capacity in Anolis lizards, B Vanhooydonck, A Herrel, R Van Damme, and DJ Irschick

Mutations in Arabidopsis Yellow Stripe-Like1 and Yellow Stripe-Like3 reveal their roles in metal ion homeostasis and loading of metal ions in seeds, BM Waters, HH Chu, RJ DiDonato, LA Roberts, RB Eisley, B Lahner, DE Salt, and EL Walker

Imaging the actin cytoskeleton in growing pollen tubes, KL Wilsen, A Lovy-Wheeler, B Voigt, D Menzel, JG Kunkel, and PK Hepler

Display behavior, sexual signal size, and performance in Anolis sagrei, JA Wood, J Meyers, and DJ Irschick

Submissions from 2005


What is apical and what is basal in plant root development?, F Baluska, PW Barlow, TI Baskin, RJ Chen, L Feldman, BG Forde, M Geisler, J Jernstedt, D Menzel, GK Muday, A Murphy, J Samaj, and D Volkmann


Directional cell expansion - turning toward actin, A Bannigan and TI Baskin

Hedgehog regulated Slit expression determines commissure and glial cell position in the zebrafish forebrain, MJF Barresi, LD Hutson, CB Chien, and RO Karlstrom

Anisotropic expansion of the plant cell wall, TI Baskin

Clock genes in peripheral organs: Neural and endocrine control., EL Bittman


Regulation of prokineticin 2 expression by light and the circadian clock, MY Cheng, EL Bittman, S Hattar, and QY Zhou

The Diet of Chalicotheres (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) as Indicated by Low Magnification Stereoscopic Microwear Analysis, M Coombs and G Semprebon

The minor structural proteins of SV40 are essential for infection: VP2 mediates host cell binding while VP3 functions in genome delivery, R Daniels, N Rusan, AK Wilbuer, L Norkin, P Wadsworth, and DN Hebert

Applying muscle forces to finite element models of bone: How much modeling precision is necessary?, ER Dumont, IR Grosse, and CE Coletta

Finite-element analysis of biting behavior and bone stress in the facial skeletons of bats, ER Dumont, J Piccirillo, and LR Grosse


Aberrant cell plate formation in the Arabidopsis thaliana microtubule organization 1 mutant, EP Eleftheriou, TI Baskin, and PK Hepler

Anatomy and morphology of red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) plants in relation to internal airflow, LS Evans, Y Okawa, and DG Searcy

Differential control of death and differentiation in myoblasts mediated by Hic-5 isoforms., ZL Gao and LM Schwartz

Identification and analysis of Hic-5/ARA55 isoforms: Implications for integrin signaling and steroid hormone action, ZL Gao and LM Schwartz

Estimating the complexity of bird song by using capture-recapture approaches from community ecology, LZ Garamszegi, TJS Balsby, BD Bell, M Borowiec, BE Byers, T Draganoiu, M Eens, W Forstmeier, P Galeotti, D Gil, L Gorissen, P Hansen, HM Lampe, S Leitner, J Lontkowski, L Nagle, E Nemeth, R Pinxten, JM Rossi, N Saino, A Tanvez, R Titus, J Torok, E Van Duyse, and AP Muller


Differential control of peripheral circadian rhythms by suprachiasmatic-dependent neural signals, HN Guo, JM Brewer, A Champhekar, RBS Harris, and EL Bittman

Bite performance and morphology in a population of Darwin's finches: implications for the evolution of beak shape, A Herrel, J Podos, SK Huber, and AP Hendry

Evolution of bite force in Darwin's finches: a key role for head width, A Herrel, J Podos, SK Huber, and AP Hendry

Potential roles for BMP and Pax genes in the development of iris smooth muscle, AM Jensen

Organization of the pronephric filtration apparatus in zebrafish requires Nephrin, Podocin and the FERM domain protein Mosaic eyes, AG Kramer-Zucker, S Wiessner, AM Jensen, and IA Drummond


Enhanced fixation reveals the apical cortical fringe of actin filaments as a consistent feature of the pollen tube, A Lovy-Wheeler, KL Wilsen, TI Baskin, and PK Hepler

Bone as an ion exchange organ: Evidence for instantaneous cell-dependent calcium efflux from bone not due to resorption, M Marenzana, AM Shipley, P Squitiero, JG Kunkel, and A Rubinacci


Cell wall extension results in the coordinate separation of parallel microfibrils: evidence from scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy, F Marga, M Grandbois, DJ Cosgrove, and TI Baskin


Microtubule-dependent microtubule nucleation based on recruitment of gamma-tubulin in higher plants, T Murata, S Sonobe, TI Baskin, S Hyodo, S Hasezawa, T Nagata, T Horio, and M Hasebe

Myosin-II-dependent localization and dynamics of F-actin during cytokinesis, K Murthy and P Wadsworth

Myosin-II-dependent localization and dynamics of F-actin during cytokinesis (vol 15, pg 724, 2005), K Murthy and P Wadsworth


COBRA, an Arabidopsis extracellular glycosyl-phosphatidyl inositol-anchored protein, specifically controls highly anisotropic expansion through its involvement in cellulose microfibril orientation, F Roudier, AG Fernandez, M Fujita, R Himmelspach, GHH Borner, G Schindelman, S Song, TI Baskin, P Dupree, GO Wasteneys, and PN Benfey

Centrosome fragments and microtubules are transported asymmetrically away from division plane in anaphase, NM Rusan and P Wadsworth

Quantification of microtubule nucleation, growth and dynamics in wound-edge cells, KJ Salaycik, CJ Fagerstrom, K Murthy, US Tulu, and P Wadsworth

Zebrafish Gli3 functions as both an activator and a repressor in Hedgehog signaling, OV Tyurina, B Guner, E Popova, JC Feng, AF Schier, JD Kohtz, and RO Karlstrom

Gli function is essential for motor neuron induction in zebrafish, G Vanderlaan, OV Tyurina, RO Karlstrom, and A Chandrasekhar

Cytokinesis: Rho marks the spot, P Wadsworth

Stable expression of fluorescently tagged proteins for studies of mitosis in mammalian cells, P Wadsworth, NM Rusan, US Tulu, and C Fagerstrom

Submissions from 2004


Disorganization of cortical microtubules stimulates tangential expansion and reduces the uniformity of cellulose microfibril alignment among cells in the root of Arabidopsis, TI Baskin, GTS Beemster, JE Judy-March, and F Marga

Extrapair paternity increases variability in male reproductive success in the chestnut-slded warbler (Dendroica pensylvanica), a socially monogamous songbird, BE Byers, HL Mays, IRK Stewart, and DF Westneat

Effects of supplemental ubiquinone to reduce damage caused by statin drugs in C2C12 myoblasts, CF Chi, PM Clarkson, LM Schwartz, JL Ogdahl, and PD Thompson

Schizotheriine Chalicotheres (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) from the Miocene Fossil-Lagerstatte of Sandelzhausen (Germany), M Coombs

Moropus merriami in the early Barstovian Lower Snake Creek fauna of Nebraska, with comments on biogeography of North American chalicotheres, MC Coombs

Arabidopsis Yellow Stripe-Like2 (YSL2): a metal-regulated gene encoding a plasma membrane transporter of nicotianamine-metal complexes, RJ DiDonato, LA Roberts, T Sanderson, RB Eisley, and EL Walker

Patterns of diversity in cranial shape among plant-visiting bats, ER Dumont

Food hardness and feeding behavior in old world fruit bats (Pteropodidae), ER Dumont and R O'Neal

Morphology meets engineering: Finite element analyses of biting behavior in bats, ER Dumont, J Piccirillo, and IR Grosse

Preferences of fig wasps and fruit bats for figs of functionally dioecious Ficus pungens, ER Dumont, GD Weiblen, and JR Winkelmann

Formalizing sensitivity in static analysis for intrusion detection, HH Feng, JT Giffin, Y Huang, S Jha, W Lee, and BP Miller

Synergistic and antagonistic roles of the Sonic hedgehog N- and C-terminal lipids, J Feng, B White, OV Tyurina, B Guner, T Larson, HY Lee, RO Karlstrom, and JD Kohtz

Observation of microtubule and kinetochore behavior in cells expressing photoactivatable GFP-tubulin and GFP-CenpA, N Ferenz, US Tulu, and P Wadsworth

Amazonian ecology: Tributaries enhance the diversity of electric fishes, CC Fernandes, J Podos, and JG Lundberg

Gender and risk of adverse outcomes in heart failure, WY Lee, AM Capra, NG Jensvold, JH Gurwitz, and AS Go

gamma-tubulin mediated branching of microtubules in plant cortical cytoplasm, T Murata, S Sonobe, TI Baskin, S Hasezawa, T Nagata, T Horio, and M Hasebe

Dynamic turnover of actin in the contractile ring of mammalian cells requires myosin activity, K Murthy and P Wadsworth

Centrosome maturation: Measurement of microtubule nucleation throughout the cell cycle by using GFP-tagged EB1, M Piehl, US Tulu, P Wadsworth, and L Cassimeris

Bird song: The interface of evolution and mechanism, J Podos, SK Huber, and B Taft

Beaks, adaptation, and vocal evolution in Darwin's finches, J Podos and S Nowicki

Calibration of song learning targets during vocal ontogeny in swamp sparrows, Melospiza georgiana, J Podos, S Peters, and S Nowicki

Vocal mechanics in Darwin's finches: correlation of beak gape and song frequency, J Podos, JA Southall, and MR Rossi-Santos

Yellow stripe1. Expanded roles for the maize iron-phytosiderophore transporter, LA Roberts, AJ Pierson, Z Panaviene, and EL Walker

Progressive stabilization of lateral, but not polar, microtubules during contractile ring formation and cortical furrowing, NM Rusan and P Wadsworth

A fine balance for life and death decisions, BA Schreader and JR Nambu

Hydrogen sulfide consumption measured at low steady state concentrations using a sulfidostat, DG Searcy and MA Peterson

The zebrafish iguana locus encodes Dzip1, a novel zinc-finger protein required for proper regulation of Hedgehog signaling, K Sekimizu, N Nishioka, H Sasaki, H Takeda, RO Karlstrom, and A Kawakami


Photoperiodic regulation of androgen receptor and steroid receptor coactivator-1 in Siberian hamster brain, MJ Tetel, TC Ungar, B Hassan, and EL Bittman

Higher plant cortical microtubule array analyzed in vitro in the presence of the cell wall, GW Tian, D Smith, S Gluck, and TI Baskin


Expression of haPer1 and haBmal1 in Syrian hamsters: Heterogeneity of transcripts and oscillations in the periphery, YH Tong, HN Guo, JM Brewer, H Lee, MN Lehman, and EL Bittman

Visualization of TPX2 dependent microtubule formation near kinetochores in mammalian cells, US Tulu, CJ Fagerstrom, and P Wadsworth

Use of the wings in manipulative and suspensory behaviors during feeding by frugivorous bats, JD Vandoros and ER Dumont

E pluribus unum: towards a universal mechanism for spindle assembly, P Wadsworth and A Khodjakov