Submissions from 2002

Central and peripheral clocks, light, day length, and reproduction., EL Bittman

Home range of Dobsonia minor (Pteropodidae): A solitary, foliage-roosting fruit bat in Papua New Guinea, FJ Bonaccorso, JR Winkelmann, ER Dumont, and K Thibault

Making the connection: retinal axon guidance in the zebrafish, J Culverwell and R Karlstrom

Sonic hedgehog is required early in pancreatic islet development, PJ diIorio, JB Moss, JL Sbrogna, RO Karlstrom, and LG Moss

Olfactory bulb cells generated in adult male golden hamsters are specifically activated by exposure to estrous females, LY Huang and EL Bittman

An evaluation of powerline rights-of-way as habitat for early-successional shrubland birds, DI King and BE Byers

Detection of rib fractures in an abused infant using digital radiography: a laboratory study, PK Kleinman, B O'Connor, K Nimkin, SM Rayder, MR Spevak, PL Belanger, DJ Getty, and A Karellas

Noscapine alters microtubule dynamics in living cells and inhibits the progression of melanoma, JW Landen, R Lang, SJ McMahon, NM Rusan, AM Yvon, AW Adams, MD Sorcinelli, R Campbell, P Bonaccorsi, JC Ansel, DR Archer, P Wadsworth, CA Armstrong, and HC Joshi

P[52A-GAL4] is an insertion in the Drosophila GP150 gene, K Melnattur, E Rawson, and JR Nambu

Functional maturation of the centrosome: Cell cycle dependent changes in microtubule nucleation, M Piehl, US Tulu, P Wadsworth, and L Cassimeris

Vocalizations of amazon river dolphins, Inia geoffrensis: Insights into the evolutionary origins of delphinid whistles, J Podos, VMF da Silva, and MR Rossi-Santos

Reorganization of the microtubule array in prophase/prometaphase requires cytoplasmic dynein dependent microtubule transport, NM Rusan, US Tulu, CJ Fagerstrom, and P Wadsworth

Parkinsonism proteolysis and proteasomes, LM Schwartz, JR Nambu, and Z Wang

Changes in contractile properties of skeletal muscle during developmentally programmed atrophy and death, LM Schwartz and RL Ruff

Gross, histological, and CT scan investigation of the maxillary-premaxillary suture and upper incisors in primates., T Smith, A Burrows, E Dumont, and C Bonar

Measurement of microtubule nucleation and growth in wound edge cells using GFP-EB1, US Tulu, KJ Salaycik, CJ Fagerstrom, and P Wadsworth

Drosophila sickle is a novel grim-reaper cell death activator, JP Wing, JS Karres, JL Ogdahl, L Zhou, LM Schwartz, and JR Nambu

Drosophila Morgue is an F box/ubiquitin conjugase domain protein important for grim-reaper mediated apoptosis, JP Wing, BA Schreader, T Yokokura, UQ Wang, PS Andrews, N Huseinovic, CK Dong, JL Ogdahl, LM Schwartz, K White, and JR Nambu

Centrosome reorientation in wound-edge cells is cell type specific, AMC Yvon, JW Walker, B Danowski, C Fagerstrom, A Khodjakov, and P Wadsworth

Submissions from 2001

Molecular analysis of the Doppia transposable element of maize, SD Bercury, T Panavas, K Irenze, and EL Walker

Patterns of genome size evolution in tetraodontiform fishes, EL Brainerd, SS Slutz, EK Hall, and RW Phillis

Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression during the programmed death of insect skeletal muscle, PJ Cascone and LM Schwartz

Stratigraphy, chronology, biogeography, and taxonomy of early Miocene small chalicotheres in North America, MC Coombs, RM Hunt, E Stepleton, LB Albright, and TJ Fremd

Maize yellow stripe1 encodes a membrane protein directly involved in Fe(III) uptake, C Curie, Z Panaviene, C Loulergue, SL Dellaporta, JF Briat, and EL Walker

Centrosome Behavior in Motile HGF-Treated PtK2 Cells Expressing GFP-Gamma Tubulin, BA Danowski, A Khodjakov, and P Wadsworth

Covariance of ion flux measurements allows new interpretation of Xenopus laevis oocyte physiology, EE Faszewski and JG Kunkel

Cellular oscillations and the regulation of growth: the pollen tube paradigm, JA Feijo, J Sainhas, T Holdaway-Clarke, MS Cordeiro, JG Kunkel, and PK Hepler

New observations of in vivo actin dynamics in living fish embryos, RD Fink, RO Karlstrom, and P Wadsworth

Neuropeptide Y rapidly reduces Period 1 and Period 2 mRNA levels in the hamster suprachiasmatic nucleus, C Fukuhara, JM Brewer, JC Dirden, EL Bittman, G Tosini, and ME Harrington

Not all muscles meet the same fate when they die, MEE Jones and LM Schwartz

Pseudoreplication in playback experiments, revisited a decade later, DE Kroodsma, BE Byers, E Goodale, S Johnson, and WC Liu

The strategic use of good buffers to measure proton gradients around growing pollen tubes, JG Kunkel, LY Lin, Y Xu, and AMM Prado

The evolution of bird song: male and female response to song innovation in swamp sparrows, S Nowicki, WA Searcy, M Hughes, and J Podos

Microtubule remodeling throughout the cell cycle: Mitosis to interphase transition, NM Rusan, CJ Fagerstrom, and P Wadsworth

Cell cycle-dependent changes in microtubule dynamics in living cells expressing green fluorescent protein-alpha tubulin, NM Rusan, CJ Fagerstrom, AMC Yvon, and P Wadsworth

Generalized 96-well format for quantitative and qualitative monitoring of altered protein expression and posttranslational modification in cells, L Shumway and LM Schwartz

Calcium signalling in pollen of Papaver rhoeas undergoing the self-incompatibility (SI) response, KR Straatman, SK Dove, T Holdaway-Clarke, PK Hepler, JG Kunkel, and VE Franklin-Tong

The zebrafish umleitung locus affects hh signaling and forebrain patterning., O Tyurina and R Karlstrom

Model cell lines for the study of apoptosis in vitro, C Valavanis, YH Hu, YL Yang, BA Osborne, S Chouaib, L Greene, JD Ashwell, and LM Schwartz

In situ detection of dying cells in normal and pathological tissues, C Valavanis, S Naber, and LM Schwartz

Microtubule transport contributes to microtubule remodeling in interphase and mitotic cells, P Wadsworth, AMC Yvon, and NM Rusan

Structural features and methylation patterns associated with paramutation at the r1 locus of Zea mays, EL Walker and T Panavas

Quantification of microtubule dynamics in highly motile cells using automated image alignment, JW Walker, ZE Perlman, C Fagerstrom, AMC Yvon, and P Wadsworth

The RHG motifs of Drosophila Reaper and Grim are important for their distinct cell death-inducing abilities, JP Wing, LM Schwartz, and JR Nambu

Sulfide oxidation coupled to ATP synthesis in chicken liver mitochondria, R Yong and DG Searcy

Antagonistic forces generated by myosin II and cytoplasmic dynein regulate microtubule turnover, movement, and organization in interphase cells, AMC Yvon, DJ Gross, and P Wadsworth

Submissions from 2000

Singing by female Chestnut-sided Warblers, BE Byers and DI King

Ion changes in legume root hairs responding to nod factors, L Cardenas, TL Holdaway-Clarke, F Sanchez, C Quinto, JA Feijo, JG Kunkel, and PK Hepler


F-Actin is concentrated in nonrelease domains at frog neuromuscular junctions, Anna Dunaevsky and Elizabeth A. Connor

The behavior of free centrosomes during mitosis in vertebrate somatic cells, S Faruki, P Wadsworth, and CL Rieder

Zebrafish mutations in Gli-mediated hedgehog signaling lead to lens transdifferentiation from the adenohypophysis anlage, H Kondoh, M Uchikawa, H Yoda, H Takeda, M Furutani-Seiki, and RO Karlstrom

Suggestions for slides at scientific meetings, DE Kroodsma and BE Byers

Functional interactions between Drosophila bHLH/PAS, Sox, and POU transcription factors regulate CNS midline expression of the slit gene, Y Ma, K Certel, YP Gao, E Niemitz, J Mosher, A Mukherjee, M Mutsuddi, N Huseinovic, ST Crews, WA Johnson, and JR Nambu

The Drosophila Sox gene, fish-hook, is required for postembryonic development, A Mukherjee, XL Shan, M Mutsuddi, Y Ma, and JR Nambu

Co-expression of melatonin (MEL1a) receptor and arginine vasopressin mRNAs in the Siberian hamster suprachiasmatic nucleus, CK Song, TJ Bartness, SL Petersen, and EL Bittman

Cell cycle dependent changes in microtubule dynamics in living cells expressing GFP-alpha tubulin, P Wadsworth, NM Rusan, C Fagerstrom, M Sorcenelli, and AMC Yvon

Mechanism of increased microtubule stability in wound edge cells, AMC Yvon, MK Larner, and P Wadsworth

Bringing up the rear: Microtubule transport in the retraction tail of motile cells, AMC Yvon and P Wadsworth

Region-specific microtubule transport in motile cells, AMC Yvon and P Wadsworth

Submissions from 1999

Effects of photoperiod and androgen on proopiomelanocortin gene expression in the arcuate nucleus of golden hamsters, EL Bittman, ML Tubbiola, G Foltz, and CM Hegarty

Rhizobium Nod factors induce increases in intracellular free calcium and extracellular calcium influxes in bean root hairs, L Cardenas, JA Feijo, JG Kunkel, F Sanchez, T Holdaway-Clarke, PK Hepler, and C Quinto

Phalangeal fusion in schizotheriine Chalicotheres (Mammalia, Perissodactyla), MC Coombs and BM Rothschild

Does the centrosome lead the way in motile HGF-treated cells? An investigation using GFP-gamma-tubulin, BA Danowski, A Khodjakov, and P Wadsworth

Oestrogen receptor-alpha-immunoreactive neurones project to the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the female Syrian hamster, HO de la Iglesia, JD Blaustein, and EL Bittman

Quantitative analysis of microtubule dynamics using green fluorescent protein tagged a-tubulin (GFP-tub), C Fagerstrom, AM Yvon, N Rusan, M Sorcinelli, and P Wadsworth

Growing pollen tubes possess a constitutive alkaline band in the clear zone and a growth-dependent acidic tip, JA Feijo, J Sainhas, GR Hackett, JG Kunkel, and PK Hepler

Developmental fate of the yolk protein lipovitellin in embryos and larvae of winter flounder, Pleuronectes americanus, RC Hartling and JG Kunkel

Lepidopteran DALP, and its mammalian ortholog HIC-5, function as negative regulators of muscle differentiation, YH Hu, PJ Cascone, LH Cheng, DH Sun, JR Nambu, and LM Schwartz

Comparative synteny cloning of zebrafish you-too: mutations in the Hedgehog target gli2 affect ventral forebrain patterning, RO Karlstrom, WS Talbot, and AF Schier

Geographic variation in Black-capped Chickadee songs and singing behavior, DE Kroodsma, BE Byers, SL Halkin, C Hill, D Minis, JR Bolsinger, JA Dawson, E Donelan, J Farrington, FB Gill, P Houlihan, D Innes, G Keller, L Macaulay, CA Marantz, J Ortiz, PK Stoddard, and K Wilda

Cloning and analysis of small cytoplasmic leucine-rich repeat protein (SCLP), a novel, phylogenetically-conserved protein that is dramatically up-regulated during the programmed death of moth skeletal muscle, F Kuelzer, P Kuah, ST Bishoff, LH Cheng, JR Nambu, and LM Schwartz

Serum and slime vitellogenin in the Atlantic cod,Gadus morhua, and its relation to ovarian development., JG Kunkel, J Bohannon, R Sharma, and J Zydlewski

Effects of suprachiasmatic transplants on circadian rhythms of neuroendocrine function in golden hamsters, EL Meyer-Bernstein, AE Jetton, SI Matsumoto, JF Markuns, MN Lehman, and EL Bittman

The role of the Drosophila Sox gene, fish-hook, in oogenesis, A Mukherjee and JR Nambu

Dynein-dynactin function and sensory axon growth during Drosophila metamorphosis: A role for retrograde motors, RK Murphey, PC Caruccio, M Getzinger, PJ Westgate, and RW Phillis

A search for dominant genetic modifiers of the Drosophila fish-hook gene, M Mutsuddi, A Mukherjee, and JR Nambu

Identification of senescence-associated genes from daylily petals, T Panavas, A Pikula, PD Reid, B Rubinstein, and EL Walker

The structure and paramutagenicity of the R-marbled haplotype of Zea mays, T Panavas, J Weir, and EL Walker

Uncoupling secretion and tip growth in lily pollen tubes: evidence for the role of calcium in exocytosis, SJ Roy, TL Holdaway-Clarke, GR Hackett, JG Kunkel, EM Lord, and PK Hepler

SCN cells expressing mt(1) receptor mRNA coexpress AVP mRNA in Syrian and Siberian hamsters, CK Song, TJ Bartness, SL Petersen, and EL Bittman

Microinjection of mitotic cells, P Wadsworth

Regional regulation of microtubule dynamics in polarized, motile cells, P Wadsworth

Contribution of actomyosin to microtubule transport in motile and non-motile cells., AMC Yvon and P Wadsworth

Taxol suppresses dynamics of individual microtubules in living human tumor cells, AMC Yvon, P Wadsworth, and MA Jordan

Early seawater entry of juvenile American shad may be advantageous., J Zydlewski, SD McCormick, and JG Kunkel

Submissions from 1998

Increased production of amyloid precursor protein provides a substrate for caspase-3 in dying motoneurons, NY Barnes, L Li, K Yoshikawa, LM Schwartz, RW Oppenheim, and CE Milligan

Vertebral column morphology, C-start curvature, and the evolution of mechanical defenses in tetraodontiform fishes, EL Brainerd and SN Patek

Cloning and characterization of Pros45, the Drosophila SUG1 proteasome subunit homolog, L Cheng, N Roemer, KA Smyth, J Belote, JR Nambu, and LM Schwartz

Sound production during feeding in Hippocampus seahorses (Syngnathidae), DJ Colson, SN Patek, EL Brainerd, and SM Lewis

Oscillations of cell expansion rate, cytoplasmic calcium, and calcium influx in the pollen tube, TL Holdaway-Clarke, GA Hackett, JG Kunkel, PK Hepler, and JA Feijo

Photoperiod regulates neuronal bromodeoxyuridine labeling in the brain of a seasonally breeding mammal, LY Huang, GJ DeVries, and EL Bittman

Multifactorial modulation of TRH metabolism, P Joseph-Bravo, RM Uribe, MA Vargas, L Perez-Martinez, T Zoeller, and JL Charli