Submissions from 1997

Generation of a moveable poly(A)(+) cassette, PJ Cascone and LM Schwartz

Developmental regulation of interstitial cell density in bullfrog skeletal muscle, EA Connor

Transmitter release differs at snake twitch and tonic endplates during potassium-induced nerve terminal depolarization, EA Connor, A Dunaevsky, DJG Griffiths, JC Hardwick, and RL Parsons

Analysis of the geology, fauna, and taphonomy of Morava Ranch Quarry, early Miocene of northwest Nebraska, MC Coombs and WP Coombs

Microtubule dynamics in control, serum-starved and serum-stimulated Swiss 3T3 mouse fibroblasts, BA Danowski and P Wadsworth

Characterization of a heat-stable fraction of lipovitellin and development of an immunoassay for vitellogenin and yolk protein in winter flounder (Pleuronectes americanus), RC Hartling, JJ Pereira, and JG Kunkel

Pollen tube growth and the intracellular cytosolic calcium gradient oscillate in phase while extracellular calcium influx is delayed, TL HoldawayClarke, JA Feijo, GR Hackett, JG Kunkel, and PK Hepler

Neuroanatomical distribution of vasotocin in a urodele amphibian (Taricha granulosa) revealed by immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization techniques, CA Lowry, CF Richardson, TR Zoeller, LJ Miller, LE Muske, and FL Moore

Programmed cell death during animal development, CE Milligan and LM Schwartz

DNA binding and bending functions of the Drosophila fish-hook protein: Regulation of even-skipped stripes 4-6, JR Nambu, Y Ma, XL Shan, and PA Nambu

Effects of photoperiod duration and melatonin signal characteristics on the reproductive system of male Syrian hamsters, JB Powers, AE Jetton, RA Mangels, and EL Bittman

Mutant molecular motors disrupt neural circuits in Drosophila, S Reddy, P Jin, J Trimarchi, P Caruccio, R Phillis, and RK Murphey

Identification of a phylogenetically conserved sug1 CAD family member that is differentially expressed in the mouse nervous system, DH Sun, JC Swaffield, SA Johnston, CE Milligan, RT Zoeller, and LM Schwartz

Nanomolar concentrations of nocodazole alter microtubule dynamic instability in vivo and in vitro, RJ Vasquez, B Howell, AMC Yvon, P Wadsworth, and L Cassimeris

Non-centrosomal microtubule formation and measurement of minus end microtubule dynamics in A498 cells, AMC Yvon and P Wadsworth

Cooperative functions of the reaper and head involution defective genes in the programmed cell death of Drosophila central nervous system midline cells, L Zhou, A Schnitzler, J Agapite, LM Schwartz, H Steller, and JR Nambu

CNS midline to mesoderm signaling in Drosophila, L Zhou, H Xiao, and JR Nambu

Submissions from 1996


Cryofixing single cells and multicellular specimens enhances structure and immunocytochemistry for light microscopy, TI Baskin, DD Miller, JW Vos, JE Wilson, and PK Hepler

Effects of photoperiod and androgen on pituitary function and neuropeptide staining in Siberian hamsters, EL Bittman, AE Jetton, C Villalba, and GJ Devries

Messages encoded in the songs of chestnut-sided warblers, BE Byers


Geographic variation of song form within and among Chestnut-sided Warbler populations, Bruce E. Byers

Effects of maternal nutrition and egg provisioning on parameters of larval hatch, survival and dispersal in the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar L., AL Diss, JG Kunkel, ME Montgomery, and DE Leonard

Proteasomes play an essential role in thymocyte apoptosis, LM Grimm, AL Goldberg, GG Poirier, LM Schwartz, and BA Osborne

Imaginal cell-specific accumulation of the multicatalytic proteinase complex (proteasome) during post-embryonic development in the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta, MK Hashimoto, DL Mykles, LM Schwartz, and SE Fahrbach

Regulation of the phase and period of circadian rhythms restored by suprachiasmatic transplants, S Matsumoto, J Basil, AE Jetton, MN Lehman, and EL Bittman

Lesions of the melatonin- and androgen-responsive tissue of the dorsomedial nucleus of the hypothalamus block the gonadal response of male syrian hamsters to programmed infusions of melatonin, ES Maywood, EL Bittman, and MH Hastings

In vitro assays to identify regulators of microtubule dynamic instability, J McMeekan and P Wadsworth

Allelic variation of the polyubiquitin gene in the tobacco hawkmoth, Manduca sexta, and its regulation by heat shock and programmed cell death, A Myer and LM Schwartz

The Drosophila fish-hook gene encodes a novel HMG domain protein essential for anterior/posterior pattern formation., JR Nambu and PA Nambu

The Drosophila fish-hook gene encodes a HMG domain protein essential for segmentation and CNS development, PA Nambu and JR Nambu

Genes that regulate apoptosis in the mouse thymus, BA Osborne, SW Smith, KA McLaughlin, L Grimm, T Kallinch, ZG Liu, and LM Schwartz

Mutations in the 8 kDa dynein light chain gene disrupt sensory axon projections in the Drosophila imaginal CNS, R Phillis, D Statton, P Caruccio, and RK Murphey

Cold thoughts of death: The role of ICE proteases in neuronal cell death, LM Schwartz and CE Milligan

HS-:O-2 oxidoreductase activity of Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase, DG Searcy

Stimulation of microtubule dynamic turnover in living cells treated with okadaic acid, E Shelden and P Wadsworth

A member of the phylogenetically conserved CAD family of transcriptional regulators is dramatically up-regulated during the programmed cell death of skeletal muscle in the tobacco hawkmoth Manduca sexta, DH Sun, UG Sathyanarayana, SA Johnston, and LM Schwartz

On the move: Dynamics microtubules in the leading lamellae of HGF treated PTK1 cells., P Wadsworth

Microtubule dynamic turnover is suppressed during polarization and stimulated in hepatocyte growth factor scattered Madin-Darby canine kidney epithelial cells, P Wadsworth and DP Bottaro

Alternate functions of the single-minded and rhomboid genes in development of the Drosophila ventral neuroectoderm, H Xiao, LA Hrdlicka, and JR Nambu

Erratum to Alternate functions of the single-minded and rhomboid genes in development of the Drosophila ventral neuroectoderm (vol 58, pg 65, 1996), H Xiao, LA Hrdlicka, and JR Nambu

On the edge: Non-centrosomal microtubule formation in peripheral regions of A498 cells., AC Yvon and P Wadsworth

Effects of taxol on microtubule dynamics in living human tumor cells., AC Yvon, K Wendell, L Wilson, MA Jordan, and P Wadsworth

Submissions from 1995

Song Types, Repertoires and Song Variability in a Population of Chestnut-Sided Warblers, BE Byers

The Suprachiasmatic Area in the Female Hamster Projects to Neurons Containing Estrogen-Receptors and GNRH, HO DELAIGLESIA, JD BLAUSTEIN, and EL Bittman

Vinblastine Suppresses Dynamics of Individual Microtubules in Living Interphase Cells, R DHAMODHARAN, MA JORDAN, D THROWER, L WILSON, and P Wadsworth

Modulation of Microtubule Dynamic Instability In-Vivo by Brain Microtubule- Associated Proteins, R DHAMODHARAN and P Wadsworth


Long-Term Maintenance of Presynaptic Function in the Absence of Target Muscle-Fibers, Anna Dunaevsky and Elizabeth A. Connor

Coordinated Induction of the Ubiquitin Conjugation Pathway Accompanies the Developmentally Programmed Death of Insect Skeletal-Muscle, AL HAAS, O BABOSHINA, B WILLIAMS, and LM Schwartz

The multicatalytic proteinase (proteasome) of the hawkmoth, manduca-sexta : catalytic properties and immunological comparison with the lobster enzyme complex, MF HAIRE, JJ CLARK, MEE JONES, KB HENDIL, LM Schwartz, and DL MYKLES

Proteolytic Cleavage of Yolk Protein During Winter Flounder (Pleuronectes- Americanus) Development- Characterization of Lipovitellin from Eggs and Embryos, RC HARTLING and JG Kunkel

Processing and Degradation of Lipovitellin During Embryonic and Larval Development of the Winter Flounder (Pleuronectes-Americanus), RC HARTLING, JJ PEREIRA, and JG Kunkel

Follicle Cell Calmodulin in Blattella-Germanica Transcript Accumulation During Vitellogenesis is Regulated by Juvenile-Hormone, AR IYENGAR and JG Kunkel

Changes in the Structure and Function of the Multicatalytic Proteinase (Proteasome) During Programmed Cell-Death in the Intersegmental Muscles of the Hawkmoth, Manduca-sexta, MEE JONES, MF HAIRE, PM KLOETZEL, DL MYKLES, and LM Schwartz

Regional Distribution of Iodomelatonin Binding-Sites within the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus of the Syrian-Hamster and the Siberian Hamster, ES MAYWOOD, EL Bittman, FJP EBLING, P BARRETT, P MORGAN, and MH HASTINGS

Peptide Inhibitors of the ICE Protease Family Arrest Programmed Cell-Death of Motoneurons In-vivo and In-vitro, CE MILLIGAN, D PREVETTE, H YAGINUMA, S HOMMA, C CARDWELL, LC FRITZ, KJ TOMASELLI, RW OPPENHEIM, and LM Schwartz

Ubiquitin in homeostasis, development and disease, S MULLER and LM Schwartz

Cell-Death Suffers a TKO, BA OSBORNE and LM Schwartz

Transient Transfection Assays to Examine the Requirement of Putative Cell-Death Genes, BA OSBORNE, SW SMITH, ZG LIU, KA MCLAUGHLIN, and LM Schwartz

The Faces of Death, LM Schwartz

Cloning Cell-Death Genes, LM Schwartz, CE MILLIGAN, W BIELKE, and SJ ROBINSON

Interaction of CU,ZN Superoxide-Dismutase with Hydrogen-Sulfide, DG Searcy, JP WHITEHEAD, and MJ MARONEY

Apolipophorin-III is Dramatically Up-Regulated Durign the Programmed Death of Insect Skeletal-Muscle and Neurons, DH SUN, R ZIEGLER, CE MILLIGAN, S FAHRBACH, and LM Schwartz

Cloning and Characterization of a Conserved Transcriptional Regulator in Programmed Cell-Death of Insect Muscle and its Homolog in Mouse, D SUN, SA JOHNSTON, CE MILLIGAN, T ZOELLER, and LM Schwartz

Short Days Increase Sensitivity to Methadone Inhibition of Male Copulatory-Behavior, ML TUBBIOLA and EL Bittman

Nanomolar Nocodazole puts the Brakes on Microtubule Dynamic Instability In-Vivo, RJ VASQUEZ, B HOWELL, A YVON, P Wadsworth, and L CASSIMERIS

Microtubules - Hyams,JS, Lloyd,CV, P Wadsworth

Programmed Cell-Death in the Drosophila Central-Nervous-System Midline, L ZHOU, H HASHIMI, LM SCHWARTZ, and JR Nambu

Submissions from 1994

Comparison of Defolliculated Oocytes and Intact Follicles of the Cockroach Using the Vibrating Probe to Record Steady Currents, M ANDERSON, E BOWDAN, and JG Kunkel

Do Photoperiod and Androgen Interact to Regulate Pituitary-Function and Neuropeptide Staining in Siberian Hamsters, EL Bittman, AE JETTON, and GJ DEVRIES

Melatonin Binding-Sites in Sciurid and Hystricomorph Rodents - Studies on Ground-Squirrels and Guinea-Pigs, EL Bittman, EM THOMAS, and I ZUCKER

Ionic Components of Dorsal and Ventral Currents in Vitellogenic Follicles of the Cockroach, Blatella-Germanica, E BOWDAN and JG Kunkel

Numerical-Studies of the Impedance of Blocking Electrodes with Fractal Surfaces, QZ CAO, PZ WONG, and LM Schwartz

Synaptic Activity and Connective-Tissue Remodeling in Denervated Frog-Muscle, EA Connor, K QIN, H YANKELEV, and D DESTEFANO

Retrograde Signaling in the Formation and Maintenance of the Neuromuscular-Junction, EA Connor and MA SMITH

Localization of Immunoreactive Ubiquitin in the Nervous-System of the Manduca-sexta Moth, SE FAHRBACH and LM Schwartz

The Role of Tinman, A Mesodermal Cell Fate Gene, In Axon Pathfinding Durign the Development of the Transverse Nerve in Drosophila, MG GORCZYCA, RW PHILLIS, and V BUDNIK

Direct Measurement of Porter and Pump Mediated Ion Flow Using a Noninvasive Vibrating Ion-Selective Probe, J KUNKEL, R SANGER, and PJS SMITH

Apoptotic Signals Delivered Through the T-Cell Receptor of a T-Cell Hybrid Require the Immediate-Early Gene NUR77, ZG LIU, SW SMITH, KA MCLAUGHLIN, LM Schwartz, and BA OSBORNE

Motoneurons Deprived of Trophic Support In-Vitro Require New Gene-Expression to Undergo Programmed Cell-Death, CE MILLIGAN, RW OPPENHEIM, and LM Schwartz

Identification of Genes Induced During Apoptosis in T-Lymphocytes, BA OSBORNE, SW SMITH, ZG LIU, KA MCLAUGHLIN, L GRIMM, and LM Schwartz

CED-3 Ice - Evolutionarily Conserved Regulation of Cell-Death, LM Schwartz and BA OSBORNE

Steroidal and Photoperiodic regulation of Opiate Binding in Male Golden-Hamsters, ML TUBBIOLA and EL Bittman

Most Egg Calmodulin is a Follicle Cell Contribution to the Cytoplasm of the Blatella-Germanica Oocyte, YJ ZHANG and JG Kunkel

Submissions from 1993

The Timed Infusion Paradigm for Melatonin Delivery - What has it Taught Us About the Melatonin Signal, its Reception, and the Photoperiodic Control of Seasonal Responses, TJ BARTNESS, JB POWERS, MH HASTINGS, EL Bittman, and BD GOLDMAN

The Sites and Consequences of Melatonin Binding in Mammals, EL Bittman


Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Living Plant-Cells, PK HEPLER, AL CLEARY, BES GUNNING, P Wadsworth, GO WASTENEYS, and DH ZHANG

Cytoskeleton in the Archaebacterium Thermoplasma-Acidophilum - Viscosity Increase in Soluble Extracts, WG HIXON and DG Searcy

Isolution of Mutations Affecting Neural Circuitry Required for Grooming Behavior in Drosophila-Melanogaster, RW PHILLIS, AT BRAMLAGE, C WOTUS, A WHITTAKER, LS GRAMATES, D SEPPALA, F FARAHANCHI, P CARUCCIO, and RK MURPHEY

Selective Repression of Actin and Myosin Heavy-Chain Expression During the Programmed Death of Insect Skeletal-Muscle, LM Schwartz, MEE JONES, L KOSZ, and K KUAH

Programmed Cell-Death, Apoptosis and Killer Genes, LM Schwartz and BA OSBORNE