Submissions from 1992

Photoperiodic Regulation of Pulsatile Luteinizing-Hormone Secretion and Adenohypophyseal Gene-Expression in Female Golden-Hamsters, EL Bittman, JA JONASSEN, and CM HEGARTY

Development of 2 Song Categories by Chestnut-Sided Warblers, BE Byers and DE KROODSMA

Analysis of Multicatalytic Proteinase (Proteasome) from Insect and Crustacean Muscles, MF HAIRE, JJ CLARK, LM Schwartz, and DL MYKLES

An Efficient Method for Blunt-End Ligation of PCR Products, ZG LIU and LM Schwartz

A Motigen Induced Zinc-Finger Containing Transcription Factor Appears to be Involved in the Signaling Pathway Leading to Programmed Cell-Death, ZG LIU, S SMITH, LM Schwartz, and BA OSBORNE

Neuronal Death, a Tradition of Dying, RW OPPENHEIM, LM Schwartz, and CJ SHATZ

Insect Muscle as a Model for Programmed Cell-Death, LM Schwartz

Uncertainty of a Titration Equivalence Point - A Graphical-Method Using Spreadsheets to Predict Values and Detect Systematic-Errors, LM Schwartz

Microinjection of Biotin-Tubulin into Anaphase Cells Induces Transient Elongation of Kinetochore Microtubules and Reversal of Chromosome-to-Pole Motion, E SHELDEN and P Wadsworth

Visualization of Microtubules in Living Cells - Microtubule Dynamics are Cell Type Specific, E SHELDEN and P Wadsworth

Modulation of Anaphase Spindle Microtubule Structure in Stamen Hair-Cells of Tradescantia by Calcium and Related Agents, DH ZHANG, P Wadsworth, and PK HEPLER

High Abundance Calmodulin from Blattella-Germanica Eggs Binds to Vitellin Subunits but Disappears During Vitellin Utilization, YJ ZHANG and JG Kunkel

Program of F-Actin in the Follicular Epithelium During Oogenesis of the German-Cockroach, Blattella-Germanica, YJ ZHANG and JG Kunkel

Submissions from 1991

Inhibition of Spindle Elongation by Taxol, S AMINHANJANI and P Wadsworth

SCN Lesions Block Responses to Systemic Melatonin Infusions in Siberian Hamsters, TJ BARTNESS, BD GOLDMAN, and EL Bittman

Suprachiasmatic and Paraventricular Control of Photoperiodism in Siberian Hamsters, EL Bittman, TJ BARTNESS, BD GOLDMAN, and GJ DEVRIES

The Function(s) of Bird Song, DE KROODSMA and BE Byers

The Role of Cell-Death Genes During Development, LM Schwartz

Cytoskeletal Origins in Sulfur-Metabolizing Archaebacteria, DG Searcy and WG HIXON

The Function and Evolution of Insect Storage Hexamers, WH TELFER and JG Kunkel

Chromosome Fiber Dynamics and Congression Oscillations in Metaphase PTK2 Cells at 23-Degrees-C, D WISE, L CASSIMERIS, CL RIEDER, P Wadsworth, and ED SALMON

Submissions from 1990

Cleaning Insect Oocytes by Dissection and Enzyme Treatment, M ANDERSON and JG Kunkel

Characterization of a Ubiquitin-Fusion Gene From the Tobacco Hawkmoth, Manduca-Sexta, ST BISHOFF and LM Schwartz

Effects of Day Length on Sheep Neuroendocrine Estrogen and Progestin Receptors, EL Bittman and JD BLAUSTEIN

Influences of Photoperiod on Sexual-Behavior, Neuroendocrine Steroid-Receptors and Adenohypophyseal Hormone-Secretion and Gene-Expression in Female Golden-Hamsters, EL Bittman, CM HEGARTY, MQ LAYDEN, and JA JONASSEN

The Distribution of Melatonin Binding-Sites in Neuroendocrine Tissues of the Ewe, EL Bittman and DR WEAVER

Patterns of Ionic Currents Around the Developing Oocyte of the German-Cockroach, Blattella-Germanica, E BOWDAN and JG Kunkel

Pituitary-Hormone Gene-Expression in Male Golden-Hamsters - Interactions Between Photoperiod and Testosterone, CM HEGARTY, JA JONASSEN, and EL Bittman

Cyclic Fluctuations in Arylphorin, the Principal Serum Storage Protein of Lymantria-Dispar, Indicate Multiple Roles in Development, ST KARPELLS, DE LEONARD, and JG Kunkel

The Effect of Ions, Ion Channel Blockers, and Ionophores on Uptake of Vitellogenin into Cockroach Follicles, H KINDLE, B LANZREIN, and JG Kunkel

Arylphorin of Trichoplusia-NI - Characterization and Parasite-Induced Precocious Increase in Titer, JG Kunkel, C GROSSNIKLAUSBUERGIN, ST KARPELLS, and B LANZREIN

Gene Activation is Required for Developmentally Programmed Cell-Death, LM Schwartz, L KOSZ, and BK KAY

Activation of Polyubiquitin Gene-Expression During Developmentally Programmed Cell-Death, LM Schwartz, A MYER, L KOSZ, M ENGELSTEIN, and C MAIER

Interzonal Microtubules are Dynamic During Spindle Elongation, E SHELDEN and P Wadsworth

Dispersed Cell-Suspensions of Fetal SCN Restore Circadian Rhythmicity in SCN-Lesioned Adult Hamsters, R SILVER, MN LEHMAN, M GIBSON, WR GLADSTONE, and EL Bittman

Interphase Microtubule Dynamics are Cell Type-Specific, P Wadsworth and M MCGRAIL

Microtubule Assembly in the Mitotic Spindle, P Wadsworth and E SHELDEN

Evaluation of Fenoxycarb Against Spring Aedes Mosquitos in Massachusetts, ED WALKER and JD EDMAN

Microtubule Dynamics in Living Dividing Plant-Cells - Confocal Imaging of Microinjected Fluorescent Brain Tubulin, DH ZHANG, P Wadsworth, and PK HEPLER