Proceedings of the 2023 Building Technology Educators' Society Conference




Interpreting architecture as an artifact is a matter of reading a building and its environment. This is the focus of the 2023 Building Technology Educators' Society (BTES) Conference, for which this volume contains its papers, abstracts, and posters. To comprehend the language of buildings, designers often consider form and material grammar in terms of assemblies, details, and systems. How a building reads depends on how all these elements are composed with the intent of being realized as a built object. Today, we are witnessing a reformulation of the grammar of materials leading to a more eco-sustainable syntax of construction and building structure through experimentation and innovation. Rather than seeing architecture from the ‘outside as object’ or built artifact, we need to instead understand the built realm as a form of production ‘from within’ to create a site of negotiation. The conference explored this intention to demystify architecture by reconsidering how we critique a discipline whose role in the built world lies mainly in the reception of its built products, and not in their material production.