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There were several tools available to governance members that didn’t quite match the needs. The College has a successful portal environment, but the groups featured within the portal were cumbersome to navigate. Email was heavily used and was beginning to grow into a problem due to the volume of messages. Tracking revisions of documents in email is also problematic. A college network shared drive was available but often people forgot to check for new documents which led to updates being emailed. The shared drive was also difficult to connect to from off campus. It was time for a new tool that was easily accessible, intuitive and would allow communication through multiple methods depending on user preference. The WordPress blog server software was presented. WordPress is easily accessible on or off campus with any popular web browser as well as smart phones and other devices. The College implemented a pilot with blogs being introduced to all of the standing committees. The Information Technology Committee became the focused pilot and made use of the college governance survey before and after the pilot was over to measure success. The response to the use of blogs in governance was resoundingly positive. In the end this project required about $1,200 in initial investment of hardware and software and provided an easy system to replicate for multiple uses.