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Student retention is critical to successful outcomes in higher education today. This completed project is about how to better track a student's performance and work with those struggling academically so that they are given the tools to better academic performance. This project reviewed the Academic Deficiency Report System at Greenfield Community College and identified flaws in the process that did not serve the students well. Based on the author's research of early warning models in the literature and best practices across the state of Massachusetts, an Early Progress Report and notification process was developed. This new version of the early warning model for GCC was found to be more encouraging and supportive to students in comparison to the Preliminary Report of Academic Deficiency. Those participating in the pilot study agreed that the new process is the right direction for GCC to proceed in their efforts to increase students success and retention and that the process promote better communication with students who struggle with their courses. Recommendations for future enhancements and best practices in early warning models are presented.