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The Center for Economic Development at the University of Massachusetts, in Amherst, is part of the Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning Department, and is funded by the Economic Development Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the University of Massachusetts.


This section of the Comprehensive Plan identifies economic development strategies within the framework of various development opportunities available to Warren given its current economic and geographical standing within the region. These economic development strategies strive to meet the needs and desires of the residents of Warren, Massachusetts based on their input and an analysis of local and regional economic trends and conditions. These potential economic strategies, intended to promote future economic growth, are in alignment with the Town’s core values and community goals.

Warren currently has two village centers, an active mill complex, significant open space, rivers and wetlands, and a steadily growing residential population. The challenges the Town is facing include a lack of commercial activity, an unknown future for the industrial sector, vacant or in need of improvement building structures, and potentially unchecked residential development. Additional obstacles to growth and development such as outdated zoning by-laws and a general resistance to change within the community must be overcome in order to insure a successful future for Warren.

This Economic Development Plan will provide an examination of the Town of Warren, including general demographics, economic status and trends, and local and regional context. Additionally, the desires and goals of the community will be outlined based on a series of surveys, interviews and other direct interaction planning activities that were carried out as part of the research for this plan. Following this profile of the Town, development strategies will be identified and described both in general and in context specific to Warren. These strategies will then be incorporated into a series of potential development scenarios the Town may wish to pursue and recommendations will be made as to how to achieve the development goals and objectives stated by the community


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