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The Center for Economic Development at the University of Massachusetts, in Amherst, is part of the Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning Department, and is funded by the Economic Development Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the University of Massachusetts.


the Purpose of this study is to assess the impact of discrimination on rental housing opportunities in Massachusetts. We obtained information on the numbers and types of housing discrimination cases filed in Massachusetts with federal, state, and private non-profit fair housing organizations. A total of 3,431 complaints were reported in Massachusetts from the period of 1990 to April 1998. Our findings indicate clearly, that rental housing discrimination exist in the state of Massachusetts. One of the major problems that we found is the fact that most instances of housing discrimination do not get reported. Based on our work, we are recommending that future studies focus on creating an integrated system of information retrieval on rental housing discrimination in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We would like to thank our client, John Klenakis for giving us the opportunity of participating in this study, and our professors, Ellen J. Pader and John R. Mullin for their support and cooperation during the course of our research. Finally, we would like to thank MCAD, HUD, and HDP for providing us with all the data that we used in this report.


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