John E. Tobiason

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A comprehensive watershed protection plan includes the collection of water quality, meteorological, and hydrological data. Large amounts of data can be difficult to manage if proper systems are not put in place for data management. Poor data management can be detrimental and may result in data loss, poor quality data, or underutilized data due to the lack of an efficient process of querying, visualizing, and analyzing data. Database software is a great solution to store and organize large datasets, yet database software often lack data visualization and analysis tools. Commonly, databases are paired with an outside application specialized for data querying, visualization, and analysis. In this work, two applications were developed with a free and open source application development framework, Shiny, in the R programming language, for facilitated water system data management by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) (RStudio 2013). One application is designed for facilitated database data entry and the other for facilitated data visualization and analysis. This project is a product of the collaboration between UMass Amherst and the DCR.