Submissions from 2018


Impact of Climate Change on Combined Solar and Run-of-River Power in Northern Italy, Baptiste François, Benoit Hingray, Marco Borga, Davide Zoccatelli, Casey Brown, and Jean-Dominique Creutin


Dry Pipes: Associations between Utility Performance and Intermittent Piped Water Supply in Low and Middle Income Countries, Jessica Kaminsky and Emily Kumpel


Measuring the Impacts of Water Safety Plans in the Asia-Pacific Region, Emily Kumpel, Caroline Delaire, Rachel Peletz, Joyce Kisiangani, Angella Rinehold, Jennifer De France, and Ranjiv Khush


Assessment of Spatio-Temporal Changes of Land Use and Land Cover over South-Western African Basins and Their Relations with Variations of Discharges, Salomon Obahoundje, Arona Diedhiou, Eric Antwi Ofosu, Sandrine Anquetin, Baptiste François, Julien Adounkpe, Ernest Amoussou, Yao Morton Kouame, Kouakou Lazare Kouassi, Vami Hermann Nguessan Bi, and Marc Youan Ta


Use of WRF-Hydro over the Northeast of the US to Estimate Water Budget Tendencies in Small Watersheds, Marcelo A. Somos-Valenzuela and Richard N. Palmer

Submissions from 2017


Effects of Increased Wind Power Generation on Mid-Norway’s Energy Balance under Climate Change: A Market Based Approach, Baptiste François, Sara Martino, Lena S. Tøfte, Benoit Hingray, Birger Mo, and Jean-Dominique Creutin


Performance and Fouling in Pre-Denitrification Membrane Bioreactors Treating High-Strength Wastewater from Food Waste Disposers, Jongkeun Lee, Jae Woo Lee, Young Mo Kim, Chul Park, and Ki Young Park


The role of inorganic nitrogen in successful formation of granular biofilms for wastewater treatment that support cyanobacteria and bacteria, Kristie Stauch-White, Varun N. Srinivasan, W. Camilla Kuo-Dahab, Chul Park, and Caitlyn S. Butler

Submissions from 2016


Nanoindentation Characterization of a Ternary Clay-Based Composite Used in Ancient Chinese Construction, Dongwei Hou, Guoping Zhang, Rohit Raj Pant, Jack S. Shen, Mingming Liu, and Hao Luo


Nanoindentation Characterization of a Ternary Clay-Based Composite Used in Ancient Chinese Construction, Dongwei Hou, Guoping Zhang, Rohit Raj Pant, Jack S. Shen, Mingming Liu, and Hao Luo


Micromechanical Properties of Nanostructured Clay-Oxide Multilayers Synthesized by Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly, Dongwei Hou, Guoping Zhang, Rohit Raj Pant, Zhongxin Wei, and Shuilong Shen


A Simple One-Scale Constitutive Model for Static Liquefaction of Sand-Silt Mixtures, Yang Liu, Ching-Shung Chang, and Shun-Chuan Wu

Submissions from 2015


When Nanoparticles Meet Biofilms — Interactions Guiding the Environmental Fate and Accumulation of Nanoparticles, Kaoru Ikuma, Alan W. Decho, and Boris L.T. Lau

Submissions from 2014


Loss-of-stability induced progressive collapse modes in 3D steel moment frames, Simos Gerasimidis, G. Deodatis, and Thalia Kontoroupi


RFID-Based Vehicle Positioning and Its Applications in Connected Vehicles, Jianqiang Wang, Daiheng Ni, and Keqiang Li

Submissions from 2012


A mathematical programming computational model for disproportionate collapse analysis of steel building frames, Simos Gerasimidis, A. Ampatzis, and C. Bisbos


Characterization of Steel Foams for Structural Components, Brooks H. Smith, Stefan Szyniszewski, Jerome F. Hajjar, Benjamin W. Schafer, and Sanjay R. Arwade

Submissions from 2010

Nanoparticles for detection and diagnosis, SS Agasti, S Rana, MH Park, CK Kim, CC You, and VM Rotello

Variance decomposition and global sensitivity for structural systems, SR Arwade, M Moradi, and A Louhghalam

Variability of the Compressive Strength of Parallel Strand Lumber, SR Arwade, R Winans, and PL Clouston

The End of Reliability, C Brown

Micromechanical Modeling for Inherent Anisotropy in Granular Materials, CS Chang and ZY Yin

Modeling Stress-Dilatancy for Sand under Compression and Extension Loading Conditions, CS Chang and ZY Yin

Recommended Practice for Full-Flow Penetrometer Testing and Analysis, J DeJong, N Yafrate, D DeGroot, HE Low, and M Randolph

Simultaneous determination of four 5-hydroxy polymethoxyflavones by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection, P Dong, PJ Qiu, Y Zhu, SM Li, CT Ho, DJ McClements, and H Xiao

Adaptive route choices in risky traffic networks: A prospect theory approach, S Gao, E Frejinger, and M Ben-Akiva

Evaluating the performance of ground-based and remotely sensed near real-time rainfall fields from a hydrological perspective, Y Ghile, R Schulze, and C Brown

Backing collisions: a study of drivers' eye and backing behaviour using combined rear-view camera and sensor systems, DS Hurwitz, A Pradhan, DL Fisher, MA Knodler, JW Muttart, R Menon, and U Meissner

Prediction of Incipient Damage Sites in Composites using Classifiers, A Louhghalam and SR Arwade

Experimental Behavior of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Sheets Attached to Concrete Surfaces Using CFRP Anchors, CW Niemitz, R James, and SF Brena

Slug Tests in the Presence of Background Head Trends, DW Ostendorf and DJ DeGroot

Slug Tests in the Presence of Background Head Trends, DW Ostendorf and DJ DeGroot

Method to characterize aquitards above leaky aquifers with water supply wells, DW Ostendorf, DJ DeGroot, AI Judge, and DF LaMesa

Method to characterize aquitards above leaky aquifers with water supply wells, DW Ostendorf, DJ DeGroot, AI Judge, and DF LaMesa

Effects of floc aluminum on activated sludge characteristics and removal of 17-alpha-ethinylestradiol in wastewater systems, C Park, Y Fang, SN Murthy, and JT Novak

Chemically Directed Immobilization of Nanoparticles onto Gold Substrates for Orthogonal Assembly Using Dithiocarbamate Bond Formation, MH Park, XX Duan, Y Ofir, B Creran, D Patra, XY Ling, J Huskens, and VM Rotello

Development of a Portable Probe for Field and Laboratory Measurement of Low to Medium Values of Soil Suction, SE Poirier and DJ DeGroot

Seasonal Residential Water Demand Forecasting for Census Tracts, AS Polebitski and RN Palmer

Effect of UV treatment on DBP formation, DA Reckhow, KG Linden, J Kim, H Shemer, and G Makdissy

Calculation of traffic flow breakdown probability to optimize link throughput, HZ Wang, K Rudy, J Li, and DH Ni

Evaluation of Proteins and Organic Nitrogen in Wastewater Treatment Effluents, PJ Westgatet and C Park

Micromechanical modelling for effect of inherent anisotropy on cyclic behaviour of sand, ZY Yin, CS Chang, and PY Hicher

An anisotropic elastic-viscoplastic model for soft clays, ZY Yin, CS Chang, M Karstunen, and PY Hicher

Submissions from 2009

Issues and Methods for Transdisciplinary Planning of Combined Wildlife and Pedestrian Highway Crossings, J Ahern, L Jennings, B Fenstermacher, P Warren, N Charney, S Jackson, J Mullin, Z Kotval, S Brena, S Civjan, and E Carr

Issues and Methods for Transdisciplinary Planning of Combined Wildlife and Pedestrian Highway Crossings, J Ahern, L Jennings, B Fenstermacher, P Warren, N Charney, S Jackson, J Mullin, Z Kotval, S Brena, S Civjan, and E Carr

Measurement and Stochastic Computational Modeling of the Elastic Properties of Parallel Strand Lumber, SR Arwade, PL Clouston, and R Winans

Statistics and probabilistic modeling of simulated intergranular cracks, SR Arwade and M Popat

Evaluation of Load Transfer and Strut Strength of Deep Beams with Short Longitudinal Bar Anchorages, SF Brena and NC Roy

Molecular cloning and functional characterization of a sucrose isomerase (isomaltulose synthase) gene from Enterobacter sp FMB-1, J Cha, JH Jung, SE Park, MH Cho, DH Seo, SJ Ha, JW Yoon, OH Lee, YC Kim, and CS Park

Model for Granular Materials with Surface Energy Forces, CS Chang and PY Hicher

Some Issues in Micromechanical Modeling for Granular Assembly, CS Chang and PY Hicher

Investigating instability in granular materials by means of a microstructural model, CS Chang, PY Hicher, and A Daouadji

Elastoplastic Model for Clay with Microstructural Consideration, CS Chang, PY Hicher, ZY Yin, and LR Kong

Polymeric gate dielectric interlayer of cross-linkable poly(styrene-r-methylmethacrylate) copolymer for ferroelectric PVDF-TrFE field effect transistor memory, JY Chang, CH Shin, YJ Park, SJ Kang, HJ Jeong, KJ Kim, CJ Hawker, TP Russell, DY Ryu, and C Park

Accessibility of cylindrical channels within patterned mesoporous silica films using nanoparticle diffusion, HT Chen, TA Crosby, MH Park, S Nagarajan, VM Rotello, and JJ Watkins

High-Resolution Spectroscopy of N-16(Lambda) by Electroproduction, F Cusanno, GM Urciuoli, A Acha, P Ambrozewicz, KA Aniol, P Baturin, PY Bertin, H Benaoum, KI Blomqvist, WU Boeglin, H Breuer, P Brindza, P Bydzovsky, A Camsonne, CC Chang, JP Chen, S Choi, EA Chudakov, E Cisbani, S Colilli, L Coman, BJ Craver, G De Cataldo, CW de Jager, R De Leo, AP Deur, C Ferdi, RJ Feuerbach, E Folts, R Fratoni, S Frullani, F Garibaldi, O Gayou, F Giuliani, J Gomez, M Gricia, JO Hansen, D Hayes, DW Higinbotham, TK Holmstrom, CE Hyde, HF Ibrahim, M Iodice, X Jiang, LJ Kaufman, K Kino, B Kross, L Lagamba, JJ LeRose, RA Lindgren, M Lucentini, DJ Margaziotis, P Markowitz, S Marrone, ZE Meziani, K McCormick, RW Michaels, DJ Millener, T Miyoshi, B Moffit, PA Monaghan, M Moteabbed, CM Camacho, S Nanda, E Nappi, VV Nelyubin, BE Norum, Y Okasyasu, KD Paschke, CF Perdrisat, E Piasetzky, VA Punjabi, Y Qiang, B Raue, PE Reimer, J Reinhold, B Reitz, RE Roche, VM Rodriguez, A Saha, F Santavenere, AJ Sarty, J Segal, A Shahinyan, J Singh, S Sirca, R Snyder, PH Solvignon, M Sotona, R Subedi, VA Sulkosky, T Suzuki, H Ueno, PE Ulmer, P Veneroni, E Voutier, BB Wojtsekhowski, X Zheng, and C Zorn

TES Development for a Frequency Selective Bolometer Camera, AM Datesman, TP Downes, TA Perera, GS Wang, VG Yefremenko, JE Pearson, V Novosad, R Divan, CL Chang, DW Logan, SS Meyer, GW Wilson, LE Bleem, AT Crites, JJ McMahon, and JE Carlstrom

Performance of water policy reforms under scarcity conditions: a case study in Northeast Brazil, FD de Souza and CM Brown

Worms as wedges: Effects of sediment mechanics on burrowing behavior, KM Dorgan, SR Arwade, and PA Jumars

Beneficial Effect of Young Oocytes for Rabbit Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, FL Du, J Xu, JF Zhang, SR Gao, MG Carter, CL He, LY Sung, S Chaubal, RA Fissore, XC Tian, XZ Yang, and YE Chen

Spectral Analysis of Ground Acceleration-Based Testing, C Ho, JP Hyslip, and DQ Li

Seasonal and annual maximum streamflow forecasting using climate information: application to the Three Gorges Dam in the Yangtze River basin, China, HH Kwon, C Brown, KQ Xu, and U Lall

Production of Reactive Oxygen Species and Changes in Antioxidant Enzyme Activities during Differentiation of 3T3-L1 Adipocyte, OH Lee, YI Kwon, HD Hong, CS Park, BY Lee, and YC Kim

Assessment of phenolics-enriched extract and fractions of olive leaves and their antioxidant activities, OH Lee, BY Lee, J Lee, HB Lee, JY Son, CS Park, K Shetty, and YC Kim

Differential control of cell death and gene expression during two distinct phases of hormonally-regulated muscle death in the tobacco hawkmoth Manduca sexta, A Myer, HA Mason, W Smith, C Brown, and LM Schwartz

Development of a VII-Enabled Prototype Intersection Collision Warning System, M Nekoui, DH Ni, H Pishro-Nik, R Prasad, MR Kanjee, H Zhu, and T Nguyen

Seasonally varying highway de-icing agent contamination in a groundwater plume from an infiltration basin, DW Ostendorf, RN Palmer, and ES Hinlein

Seasonally varying highway de-icing agent contamination in a groundwater plume from an infiltration basin, DW Ostendorf, RN Palmer, and ES Hinlein

Case Study of Steady Oxygen Concentration Gradients in a Groundwater Plume from a Highway Infiltration Basin, DW Ostendorf, C Park, C Rotaru, and MS Pereira

Case Study of Steady Oxygen Concentration Gradients in a Groundwater Plume from a Highway Infiltration Basin, DW Ostendorf, C Park, C Rotaru, and MS Pereira

Cation exchange in a glacial till drumlin at a road salt storage facility, DW Ostendorf, BS Xing, and N Kallergis

A linear theory of slug tests with annular effects, DW Ostendorf, VA Zlotnik, and DJ DeGroot

A linear theory of slug tests with annular effects, DW Ostendorf, VA Zlotnik, and DJ DeGroot

Substance User Treatment Dropout from Client and Clinician Perspectives: A Pilot Study, RS Palmer, MK Murphy, A Piselli, and SA Ball

Characterization of Lectins and Bacterial Adhesins in Activated Sludge Flocs, C Park and JT Novak

Robust and Responsive Dendrimer-Gold Nanoparticle Nanocomposites via Dithiocarbamate Crosslinking, MH Park, Y Ofir, B Samanta, and VM Rotello

Water Quality Improvement Policies: Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Proposition O in Los Angeles, California, MH Park, M Stenstrom, and S Pincetl

Accuracy and precision of the volume-concentration method for urban stormwater modeling, MH Park, X Swamikannu, and MK Stenstrom

Can younger drivers be trained to scan for information that will reduce their risk in roadway traffic scenarios that are hard to identify as hazardous?, AK Pradhan, A Pollatsek, M Knodler, and DL Fisher

Effect of free chlorine application on microbial quality of drinking water in chloraminated distribution systems, EJ Rosenfeldt, C Baeza, and DRU Knappe



Catalytic Microcapsules Assembled from Enzyme-Nanoparticle Conjugates at Oil-Water Interfaces, B Samanta, XC Yang, Y Ofir, MH Park, D Patra, SS Agasti, OR Miranda, ZH Mo, and VM Rotello

Nanoimprinted Polyethyleneimine: A Multimodal Template for Nanoparticle Assembly and Immobilization, C Subramani, Y Ofir, D Patra, BJ Jordan, IW Moran, MH Park, KR Carter, and VM Rotello

Regulation of muscle differentiation and survival by Acheron, ZH Wang, H Glenn, C Brown, C Valavanis, JX Liu, A Seth, JE Thomas, RO Karlstrom, and LM Schwartz

Monodemethylated polymethoxyflavones from sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) peel inhibit growth of human lung cancer cells by apoptosis, H Xiao, CS Yang, SM Li, HY Jin, CT Ho, and T Patel

Evaluation of Remolded Shear Strength and Sensitivity of Soft Clay Using Full-Flow Penetrometers, N Yafrate, J DeJong, D DeGroot, and M Randolph

Microstructural modelling of stress-dependent behaviour of clay, ZY Yin and CS Chang

Non-uniqueness of critical state line in compression and extension conditions, ZY Yin and CS Chang

Micromechanical analysis of kinematic hardening in natural clay, ZY Yin, CS Chang, PY Hicher, and M Karstunen

Submissions from 2008

Solving unconfined groundwater flow management problems with successive linear programming, DP Ahlfeld and G Baro-Montes

Impact of simulation model solver performance on ground water management problems, DP Ahlfeld and Y Hope

Exclusive branching-fraction measurements of semileptonic tau decays into three charged hadrons, into phi pi(-)nu(tau), and into phi K-nu(tau), B Aubert, M Bona, D Boutigny, F Couderc, Y Karyotakis, JP Lees, V Poireau, V Tisserand, A Zghiche, E Grauges, A Palano, JC Chen, ND Qi, G Rong, P Wang, YS Zhu, G Eigen, I Ofte, B Stugu, GS Abrams, M Battaglia, DN Brown, J Button-Shafer, RN Cahn, E Charles, MS Gill, Y Groysman, RG Jacobsen, JA Kadyk, LT Kerth, YG Kolomensky, G Kukartsev, DL Pegna, G Lynch, LM Mir, TJ Orimoto, M Pripstein, NA Roe, MT Ronan, WA Wenzel, PD Sanchez, M Barrett, KE Ford, TJ Harrison, AJ Hart, CM Hawkes, AT Watson, T Held, H Koch, B Lewandowski, M Pelizaeus, K Peters, T Schroeder, M Steinke, JT Boyd, JP Burke, WN Cottingham, D Walker, DJ Asgeirsson, T Cuhadar-Donszelmann, BG Fulsom, C Hearty, NS Knecht, TS Mattison, JA McKenna, A Khan, P Kyberd, M Saleem, DJ Sherwood, L Teodorescu, VE Blinov, AD Bukin, VP Druzhinin, VB Golubev, AP Onuchin, SI Serednyakov, YI Skovpen, EP Solodov, KY Todyshev, DS Best, M Bondioli, M Bruinsma, M Chao, S Curry, I Eschrich, D Kirkby, AJ Lankford, P Lund, M Mandelkern, W Roethel, DP Stoker, S Abachi, C Buchanan, SD Foulkes, JW Gary, O Long, BC Shen, K Wang, L Zhang, HK Hadavand, EJ Hill, HP Paar, S Rahatlou, V Sharma, JW Berryhill, C Campagnari, A Cunha, B Dahmes, TM Hong, D Kovalskyi, JD Richman, TW Beck, AM Eisner, CJ Flacco, CA Heusch, J Kroseberg, WS Lockman, G Nesom, T Schalk, BA Schumm, A Seiden, P Spradlin, DC Williams, MG Wilson, J Albert, E Chen, CH Cheng, A Dvoretskii, F Fang, DG Hitlin, I Narsky, T Piatenko, FC Porter, G Mancinelli, BT Meadows, K Mishra, MD Sokoloff, F Blanc, PC Bloom, S Chen, WT Ford, JF Hirschauer, A Kreisel, M Nagel, U Nauenberg, A Olivas, WO Ruddick, JG Smith, KA Ulmer, SR Wagner, J Zhang, A Chen, EA Eckhart, A Soffer, WH Toki, RJ Wilson, F Winklmeier, Q Zeng, DD Altenburg, E Feltresi, A Hauke, H Jasper, J Merkel, A Petzold, B Spaan, T Brandt, V Klose, HM Lacker, WF Mader, R Nogowski, J Schubert, KR Schubert, R Schwierz, JE Sundermann, A Volk, D Bernard, GR Bonneaud, E Latour, C Thiebaux, M Verderi, PJ Clark, W Gradl, F Muheim, S Playfer, AI Robertson, Y Xie, M Andreotti, D Bettoni, C Bozzi, R Calabrese, G Cibinetto, E Luppi, M Negrini, A Petrella, L Piemontese, E Prencipe, F Anulli, R Baldini-Ferroli, A Calcaterra, R de Sangro, G Finocchiaro, S Pacetti, P Patteri, IM Peruzzi, M Piccolo, M Rama, A Zallo, A Buzzo, R Contri, M Lo Vetere, MM Macri, MR Monge, S Passaggio, C Patrignani, E Robutti, A Santroni, S Tosi, G Brandenburg, KS Chaisanguanthum, CL Lee, M Morii, J Wu, RS Dubitzky, J Marks, S Schenk, U Uwer, DJ Bard, W Bhimji, DA Bowerman, PD Dauncey, U Egede, RL Flack, JA Nash, MB Nikolich, WP Vazquez, PK Behera, X Chai, MJ Charles, U Mallik, NT Meyer, V Ziegler, J Cochran, HB Crawley, L Dong, V Eyges, WT Meyer, S Prell, EI Rosenberg, AE Rubin, AV Gritsan, AG Denig, M Fritsch, G Schott, N Arnaud, M Davier, G Grosdidier, A Hocker, V Lepeltier, F Le Diberder, AM Lutz, A Oyanguren, S Pruvot, S Rodier, P Roudeau, MH Schune, J Serrano, A Stocchi, WF Wang, G Wormser, DJ Lange, DM Wright, CA Chavez, IJ Forster, JR Fry, E Gabathuler, R Gamet, KA George, DE Hutchcroft, DJ Payne, KC Schofield, C Touramanis, AJ Bevan, CK Clarke, F Di Lodovico, W Menges, R Sacco, G Cowan, HU Flaecher, DA Hopkins, PS Jackson, TR McMahon, F Salvatore, AC Wren, DN Brown, CL Davis, J Allison, NR Barlow, RJ Barlow, YM Chia, CL Edgar, GD Lafferty, MT Naisbit, JC Williams, JI Yi, C Chen, WD Hulsbergen, A Jawahery, CK Lae, DA Roberts, G Simi, G Blaylock, C Dallapiccola, SS Hertzbach, X Li, TB Moore, S Saremi, H Staengle, R Cowan, G Sciolla, SJ Sekula, M Spitznagel, F Taylor, RK Yamamoto, H Kim, SE Mclachlin, PM Patel, SH Robertson, A Lazzaro, V Lombardo, F Palombo, JM Bauer, L Cremaldi, V Eschenburg, R Godang, R Kroeger, DA Sanders, DJ Summers, HW Zhao, S Brunet, D Cote, M Simard, P Taras, FB Viaud, H Nicholson, N Cavallo, G De Nardo, F Fabozzi, C Gatto, L Lista, D Monorchio, P 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Gaspero, LL Gioi, MA Mazzoni, S Morganti, G Piredda, F Polci, FS Tehrani, C Voena, M Ebert, H Schroder, R Waldi, T Adye, B Franek, EO Olaiya, S Ricciardi, FF Wilson, R Aleksan, S Emery, A Gaidot, SF Ganzhur, GH de Monchenault, W Kozanecki, M Legendre, G Vasseur, C Yeche, M Zito, XR Chen, H Liu, W Park, MV Purohit, JR Wilson, MT Allen, D Aston, R Bartoldus, P Bechtle, N Berger, R Claus, JP Coleman, MR Convery, JC Dingfelder, J Dorfan, GP Dubois-Felsmann, D Dujmic, W Dunwoodie, RC Field, T Glanzman, SJ Gowdy, MT Graham, P Grenier, V Halyo, C Hast, T Hryn'ova, WR Innes, MH Kelsey, P Kim, DWGS Leith, S Li, S Luitz, V Luth, HL Lynch, DB MacFarlane, H Marsiske, R Messner, DR Muller, CP O'Grady, VE Ozcan, A Perazzo, M Perl, T Pulliam, BN Ratcliff, A Roodman, AA Salnikov, RH Schindler, J Schwiening, A Snyder, J Stelzer, D Su, MK Sullivan, K Suzuki, SK Swain, JM Thompson, J Va'vra, N van Bakel, AP Wagner, M Weaver, AJR Weinstein, WJ Wisniewski, M Wittgen, DH Wright, HW Wulsin, AK Yarritu, K Yi, 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