Submissions from 2008


Solving unconfined groundwater flow management problems with successive linear programming, David P. Ahlfeld and Gemma Baro-Montes


Impact of simulation model solver performance on ground water management problems, David P. Ahlfeld and Yamen Hoque

Worms as wedges: Effects of sediment mechanics on burrowing behavior, KM Dorgan, SR Arwade, and PA Jumars

Adaptive Route Choice Models in Stochastic Time-Dependent Networks, S Gao, E Frejinger, and M Ben-Akiva

Elastic model for partially saturated granular materials, PY Hicher and CS Chang

Multi-scale modeling of grouted sand behavior, PY Hicher, CS Chang, and C Dano

Evaluation of methodology in analyzing compost for erosion control, C Ho, K Wong, and DA Reckhow

DBP formation during chlorination and chloramination: Effect of reaction time, pH, dosage, and temperature, GH Hua and DA Reckhow

Hydrophobicity and molecular size distribution of unknown TOX in drinking water, GH Hua and DA Reckhow


Quark-Hadron Duality in Neutron (He-3) Spin Structure, Jefferson Lab E01-012 Collaboration

Extant lenticular iron truss bridges from the Berlin iron bridge company, AJ Lutenegger

Preservation of historic iron bridges - Adaptive use bridge project, university of Massachusetts-Amherst, AJ Lutenegger

Preservation of historic structures using Screw-Pile foundations, AJ Lutenegger and JH Kemper

Tensile strength of some compacted fine-grained soils, AJ Lutenegger and A Rubin


Removal of arsenic from high ionic strength solutions: Effects of ionic strength, pH, and preformed versus in situ formed HFO, KL Mercer and JE Tobiason

Simple engine models for VII-enabled in-vehicle applications, DH Ni and D Henclewood

Trajectory reconstruction for travel time estimation, DH Ni and HZ Wang

Steady groundwater transport of highway deicing agent constituents from an infiltration basin, DW Ostendorf, C Rotaru, and ES Hinlein

Application of metaproteomic analysis for studying extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) in activated sludge flocs and their fate in sludge digestion, C Park and RF Helm

Investigating the Fate of Activated Sludge Extracellular Proteins in Sludge Digestion Using Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis, C Park, RF Helm, and JT Novak

Evaluation of the extracellular proteins in full-scale activated sludges, C Park, JT Novak, RF Helm, YO Ahn, and A Esen


Reducing the computational cost of unconfined groundwater flow in conjunctive-use models at basin scale assuming linear behaviour: The case of Adra-Campo de Dalias, David Pulido-Velazquez, David Ahlfeld, Joaquín Andreu, and Andrés Sahuquillo

Disinfection By-Product Precursor Content of Natural Organic Matter Extracts, DA Reckhow, G Makdissy, and PS Rees

Behavior of deep beams with short longitudinal bar anchorages, NC Roy and SF Brena

Response classification of simple polycrystalline microstructures, L Tan and SR Arwade


Exclusive branching-fraction measurements of semileptonic tau decays into three charged hadrons, into phi pi(-)nu(tau), and into phi K-nu(tau), The BABAR Collaboration

Preozonation and prechlorination effects on TOC removal by Nanofiltration in water treatment, JE Tobiason, BGR Nabi, A Torabian, AA Ghadimkhani, and H Etemadi

Submissions from 2007


Measurement of the pseudoscalar decay constant f(Ds) using charm-tagged events in e(+)e(-) collisions at root s=10.58.GeV, BABAR Collaboartion


Branching fraction measurement of (B)over-bar(0)-> D(*)+pi(-) and B--> D-(*)0 pi(-) and isospin analysis of (B)over-bar -> D-(*)pi decays, BABAR Collaboration


Evidence of a broad structure at an invariant mass of 4.32 GeV/c(2) in the reaction e(+)e(-)->pi(+)pi(-)psi(2S) measured at BABAR, BABAR Collaboration


Inclusive Lambda(+)(c) production in e(+)e(-) annihilations at root s=10.54 GeV and in Y(4S) decays, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of B decays to phi K gamma, BABAR Collaboration


Observation of CP violation in B ->eta/K-0 decays, BABAR Collaboration


Vector-tensor and vector-vector decay amplitude analysis of B-0 ->phi K*0, BABAR Collaboration

The effect of ozonation on natural organic matter removal by alum coagulation, P Bose and DA Reckhow

Evaluation of seasonal and yearly behavior of an integral abutment bridge, SF Brena, CH Bonczar, SA Civjan, JT DeJong, and DS Crovo

Factors affecting strength of elements designed using strut-and-tie models, SF Brena and MC Morrison

Hysteretic Behavior of bridge columns with FRP-Jacketed lap splices designed for moderate ductility enhancement, SF Brena and BM Schlick

Scale effects of shallow foundation bearing capacity on granular material, AB Cerato and AJ Lutenegger

Integral abutment bridge behavior: Parametric analysis of a Massachusetts bridge, SA Civjan, C Bonczar, SF Brena, J DeJong, and D Crovo

Transportation academy at the University of Massachusetts - A case study, J Collura and M DiPasquale

Design of a miniature piezoprobe for high resolution stratigraphic profiling, JT DeJong, NJ Yafrate, and DJ DeGroot

Burrowing in marine muds by crack propagation: kinematics and forces, KM Dorgan, SR Arwade, and PA Jumars

Empirical evaluation of hazard anticipation behaviors in the field and on driving simulator using eye tracker, DL Fisher, AK Pradhan, A Pollatsek, and MA Knodler

A microstructural elastoplastic model for unsaturated granular materials, PY Hicher and CS Chang

Characterization of disinfection byproduct precursors based on hydrophobicity and molecular size, GH Hua and DA Reckhow

Comparison of disinfection byproduct formation from chlorine and alternative disinfectants, GH Hua and DA Reckhow


Compton-scattering cross section on the proton at high momentum transfer, Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration


High resolution spectroscopy of B-12(Lambda) by electroproduction, Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration


Recoil polarization measurements for neutral pion electroproduction at Q(2)=1(GeV/c)(2) near the Delta resonance, Jefferson Laboratory E91011 and Hall A Collaborations

Composite nearest neighbor nonparametric regression to improve traffic prediction, MD Kindzerske and DH Ni

Evaluating effect of two allowable permissive left-turn indications, MA Knodler, DA Noyce, and DL Fisher

Nondestructive sample quality assessment of a soft clay using shear wave velocity, MM Landon, DJ DeGroot, and TC Sheahan

Functional assembly of recombinant human ferritin subunits in Pichia pastoris, JL Lee, CS Park, and HY Kim


Delay and energy tradeoff in multi-state wireless sensor networks, W. L. Leow, Hossein Pishro-Nik, and Daiheng Ni

Random composites characterization using a classifier model, H Liu, SR Arwade, and T Igusa


Comparing artificial neural networks and regression models for predicting faecal coliform concentrations, Diane M. L. Mas and David P. Ahlfeld

Driving without a clue: Evaluation of driver simulator performance during hands-free cell phone operation in a work zone, JW Muttart, DL Fisher, M Knodler, and A Pollatsek

Determining traffic-flow characteristics by definition for application in ITS, DH Ni

Methodology to assess traffic signal transition strategies for exit preemption control, J Obenberger and J Collura

Water hammer dissipation in pneumatic slug tests, DW Ostendorf, DJ DeGroot, and PJ Dunaj

Unconfined aquifer response to infiltration basins and shallow pump tests, DW Ostendorf, DJ DeGroot, and ES Hinlein

Monod kinetics for aerobic biodegradation of calcium magnesium acetate - Soil microcosms from a highway shoulder, DW Ostendorf, C Rotaru, and KB Wisdom

Monod kinetics for aerobic biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in unsaturated soil microcosms, DW Ostendorf, TH Schoenberg, ES Hinlein, and SC Long

Comparative OH radical oxidation using UV-Cl-2 and UV-H2O2 processes, MJ Watts, EJ Rosenfeldt, and KG Linden

Submissions from 2006


B meson decays to omega K*, omega p, omega omega, omega phi, and omega f(0), BABAR Collaboration


Branching fraction limits for B-0 decays to eta ' eta, eta 'pi(0) and eta pi(0), BABAR Collaboration


Branching fraction measurements of charged B decays to K*+K+K-, K*+pi K-+(-), K*+K+pi(-) and K*+pi(+)pi(-) final states, BABAR Collaboration


Dalitz plot analysis of the decay B-+/-->(KKK -/+)-K-+/--K-+/-, BABAR Collaboration


Determinations of vertical bar V-ub vertical bar from inclusive semileptonic B decays with reduced model dependence, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of branching fractions and charge asymmetries in B decays to an eta meson and a K-* meson, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of branching fractions in radiative B decays to eta K gamma and search for B decays to eta K-'gamma, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of the absolute branching fractions B -> D pi, D-*pi, D-**pi with a missing mass method, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of the (B)over-bar lifetime and the B-0(B)over-bar(0) oscillation frequency using partially reconstructed (B)over-bar(0)-> D*+ l-(v)over-bar(l) decays, BABAR Collaboration


Measurements of branching fraction, polarization, and charge asymmetry of B-+/-->rho(+/-)f(0) and a search for B-+/-->rho(+/-)f(0)(980), BABAR Collaboration


Measurements of branching fractions, polarizations, and direct CP-violation asymmetries in B ->rho K-* and b -> f(0)(980)K-* decays, BABAR Collaboration


Search for doubly charmed baryons Xi(+)(cc) and Xi(++)(cc) in BABAR, BABAR Collaboration


Study of e(+)e(-)-> p(p)over-bar using initial state radiation with BABAR, BABAR Collaboration


Study of the decay (B)over-bar(0)-> D*+omega pi(-), BABAR Collaboration


Study of the X(3872) and Y(4260) in B-0 -> J/psi pi(+)pi K--(0) and B--> J/psi pi(+)pi K--(-) decays, BABAR Collaboration


Study of the D*(sJ)(2317)(+) and D-sJ(2460)(+) mesons in inclusive cc(-) production near root s=10.6 GeV, BABAR Collaboration, MJJ John, P Leruste, J Malcles, J Ocariz, L Roos, G Therin, PK Behera, L Gladney, J Panetta, M Biasini, R Covarelli, and M Pioppi

Case study assessment of crash data challenges - Linking databases for analysis of injury specifics and crash compatibility issues, M Benavente, MA Knodler, and H Rothenberg

Bearing capacity of square and circular footings on a finite layer of granular soil underlain by a rigid base, AB Cerato and AJ Lutenegger

Specimen size and scale effects of direct shear box tests of sands, AB Cerato and AJ Lutenegger

Evaluation of water reuse technologies for the textile industry, SJ Ergas, BM Therriault, and DA Reckhow


Constraints on the nucleon strange form factors at Q(2)similar to 0.1 GeV2, HAPPEX Collaboration

Anisotropic nonlinear elastic model for particulate materials, PY Hicher and CS Chang

Inhibition of Helicobacter pylori by phenolic extracts of sprouted peas (Pisum sativum L.), CY Ho, YT Lin, RG Labbe, and K Shetty

Determination of TOCl, TOBr and TOI in drinking water by pyrolysis and off-line ion chromatography, GH Hua and DA Reckhow

Effect of bromide and iodide ions on the formation and speciation of disinfection byproducts during chlorination, GH Hua, DA Reckhow, and J Kim

Three-dimensional modeling for estimation of hydraulic retention time in a reservoir, MG Kennedy, DP Ahlfeld, DP Schmidt, and JE Tobiason

Analysis of driver and pedestrian comprehension of requirements for permissive left-turn applications, MA Knodler, DA Noyce, KC Kacir, and CL Brehmer