Submissions from 2006

Potential application of flashing yellow arrow permissive indication in separated left-turn lanes, MA Knodler, DA Noyce, KC Kacir, and CL Brehmer

Stability, bifurcation, and softening in discrete systems: A conceptual approach for granular materials, MR Kuhn and CS Chang

Electrochemical oxidation and ozonation for textile wastewater reuse, EN Leshem, DS Pines, SJ Ergas, and DA Reckhow

Quality of care for patients hospitalized for acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, PK Lindenauer, P Pekow, S Gao, AS Crawford, B Gutierrez, and EM Benjamin

Rapid estimation of compaction parameters for field control, TS Nagaraj, AJ Lutenegger, NS Pandian, and M Manol

A framework for new generation transportation simulation, DH Ni

The network kinematic waves model: A simplified approach to network traffic, DH Ni, JD Leonard, and BM Williams


Calibrated models of deicing agent solids, pavement texture, and specific conductivity of highway runoff, David W. Ostendorf, Erich S. Hinlein, David P. Ahlfeld, and Jason T. DeJong

Contamination of groundwater by outdoor highway deicing agent storage, DW Ostendorf, ES Hinlein, C Rotaru, and DJ DeGroot


Precision electroweak measurements on the Z resonance, The ALEPH Collaboration, The DELPHI Collaboration, The L3 Collaboration, The OPAL Collaboration, The SLD Collaboration, The LEP Electroweak Working Group, and The SLD Electroweak and Heavy Flavour Groups

Submissions from 2005


Direct measurements of A(b) and A(c) using vertex and kaon charge tags at the SLAC detector, K Abe and et. al.


Dalitz plot analysis of D-0 ->(K)over-bar(0)K(+)K(-), B Aubert and et. al.


Branching fraction and CP asymmetries of B-0 ->(KSKSKS0)-K-0-K-0, BABAR Collaboration


Branching fractions and CP asymmetries in B-0 ->pi(0)pi(0), B+->pi(+)pi(0), and B+-> K+pi(0) decays and isospin analysis of the B ->pi pi system, BABAR Collaboration


Dalitz-plot analysis of the decays B-+/--> K +/-pi(-/+)pi(+/-), BABAR Collaboration


e(+)e(-) -> pi(+)pi(-)pi(+)pi(-), K+K-pi(+)pi(-), and K+K-K+K- cross sections at center-of-mass energies 0.5-4.5 GeV measured with initial-state radiation, BABAR Collaboration


Erratum: Determination of vertical bar V-ub vertical bar from measurements of the electron and neutrino momenta in inclusive semileptonic B decays, BABAR Collaboration


Evidence for B+->(K)over-bar(0)K(+) and B-0 -> K-0(K)over-bar(0), and measurement of the branching fraction and search for direct CP violation in B+-> K-0 pi(+), BABAR Collaboration


Improved measurement of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa angle alpha using B-0(B)->rho(+)rho(-) decays, BABAR Collaboration


Improved measurements of CP-violating asymmetry amplitudes in B-0 ->pi(+)pi(-) decays, BABAR Collaboration


Limit on the B-0 ->rho(0)rho(0) branching fraction and implications for the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa angle alpha, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of branching fractions and charge asymmetries for exclusive B decays to charmonium, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of branching fractions and charge asymmetries in B+ decays to eta pi(+), eta K+, eta rho(+), and eta(')pi(+), and search for B-0 decays to eta K-0 and eta omega, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of double charmonium production in e(+)e(-) annihilations at root s=10.6 GeV, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of the B+-> p(p)over-barK(+) branching fraction and study of the decay dynamics, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of the branching fraction and decay rate asymmetry of B--> D-pi(+)pi(-)pi K-0(-), BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of the ratio B(B-->(DK-)-K-*0)/B(B--> D-*0 pi(-)) and of the CP asymmetry of B-->(DCP+K)-K-*0- decays, BABAR Collaboration


Observation of a broad structure in the pi(+)pi(-)J/psi mass spectrum around 4.26 GeV/c(2), BABAR Collaboration


Study of the B- -> J/psi K-pi(+)pi(-) decay and measurement of the B- -> X(3872)K- branching fraction, BABAR Collaboration


Study of the tau(-)-> 3h(-)2h(+)nu(tau) decay, BABAR Collaboration


Time-integrated and time-dependent angular analyses of B -> J/psi K pi: A measurement of cos2 beta with no sign ambiguity from strong phases, BABAR Collaboration

Fatigue tests of reinforced concrete beams strengthened using carbon fiber-reinforced polymer composites, SF Brena, MA Benouaich, ME Kreger, and SL Wood

An elasto-plastic model for granular materials with microstructural consideration, CS Chang and PY Hicher

On virtual work and stress in granular media, CS Chang and MR Kuhn

Mix-mode elastic finite element formulation for bonded granular material considering rotation-of particles, CS Chang and Q Shi

Effectiveness of corrosion inhibiting admixture combinations in structural concrete, SA Civjan, JM LaFave, J Trybulski, D Lovett, J Lima, and DW Pfeifer

Evaluation of two homogenization techniques for modeling the elastic behavior of granular materials, PY Hicher and CS Chang

Evaluation of flashing yellow arrow in traffic signal displays with simultaneous permissive indications, MA Knodler, DA Noyce, KC Kacir, and CL Brehmer

Evaluation of traffic signal displays for protected permissive left-turn control using driving simulator technology, MA Knodler, DA Noyce, KC Kacir, and CL Brehmer


A closed form slug test theory for high permeability aquifers, David W. Ostendorf, Don J. DeGroot, Philip J. Dunaj, and Joseph Jakubowski

Observations of the small-scale variability of precipitation using an imaging radar, RD Palmer, BL Cheong, MW Hoffman, SJ Frasier, and FJ Lopez-Dekker

Characterisation of the behaviour of particles in biofilters for pre-treatment of drinking water, F Persson, J Langmark, G Heinicke, T Hedberg, J Tobiason, and TA Stenstrom

Investigation of an ozone membrane contactor system, DS Pines, KN Min, SJ Ergas, and DA Reckhow

Submissions from 2004

Algorithm for groundwater management formulations with head dependent boundary conditions, DP Ahlfeld

Nonlinear response of streamflow to groundwater pumping for a hydrologic streamflow model, DP Ahlfeld

Storm flow from first-flush precipitation in stormwater design, DP Ahlfeld and M Minihane


Basic instrumentation for Hall A at Jefferson Lab, J Alcorn and et. al.


Bound on the ratio of decay amplitudes for (B)over-bar(0)-> J/psi K*(0) and B-0 -> J/psi K*(0), BABAR Collaboration


Branching fraction measurements of B ->eta K-c decays, BABAR Collaboration


Determination of the branching fraction for B -> X(c)l nu decays and of vertical bar V-cb vertical bar from hadronic-mass and lepton-energy moments, BABAR Collaboration


Direct CP violating asymmetry in B-0 -> K+pi(-) decays, BABAR Collaboration


Limits on the decay-rate difference of neutral B mesons and on CP, T, and CPT violation in B-0(B)over-bar(0) oscillations, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of branching fractions and charge asymmetries in B-+/-->rho(+/-)pi(0) and B-+/-->rho(0)pi(+/-) decays, and search for B-0 ->rho(0)pi(0), BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of branching fractions and CP and isospin asymmetries for B -> K-*gamma, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of the average phi multiplicity in B meson decay, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of the B+/B-0 production ratio from the Upsilon(4S) meson using B+-> J/psi K+ and B-0 -> J/psi K-S(0) decays, BABAR Collaboration


Study of the decay B-0((B)over-bar(0))->rho(+)rho(-), and constraints on the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-maskawa angle alpha, BABAR Collaboration


Study of the e(+)e(-)->pi(+)pi(-)pi(0) process using initial state radiation with BABAR, BABAR Collaboration

Modification of the standard neutral ozone decomposition model, BK Bezbarua and DA Reckhow

Effect of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer laminate configuration on the behavior of strengthened reinforced concrete beams, SF Brena and BM Macri

Determining intrinsic compressibility of fine-grained soils, AB Cerato and AJ Lutenegger

Disturbance effects of field vane tests in a varved clay, AB Cerato and AJ Lutenegger

Fluorimetric determination of dichloroacetamide by RPLC with postcolumn detection, YW Choi and DA Reckhow

Field monitoring of integral abutment bridge in Massachusetts, SA Civjan, SF Brena, DA Butler, and DS Crovo

Experimental behavior of a continuous metal connector for a wood-concrete composite system, P Clouston, S Civjan, and L Bathon

General report: Laboratory and field comparisons, DJ DeGroot and R Sandven

Influence of daily and annual thermal variations on integral abutment bridge performance, J DeJong, DS Howey, SA Civjan, SF Brena, DS Butler, DS Crovo, N Hourani, and P Connors

Evaluation of the undrained shear strength profile in soft layered clay using full-flow probes, JT DeJong, NJ Yafrate, DJ DeGroot, and J Jakubowski

Comparison of in situ tests to determine engineering properties of a deltaic sand, SP Kelley and AJ Lutenegger

Determination of unit skin friction in a sand deposit from in situ test results, SP Kelley and AJ Lutenegger

Unit skin friction from the standard penetration test supplemented with the measurement of torque, SP Kelley and AJ Lutenegger

Origins of filter effluent particles: experimental study of particle deposition and detachment, J Kim and JE Tobiason

Particles in filter effluent: The roles of deposition and detachment, J Kim and JE Tobiason

Compression and uplift of Rammed Aggregate Piers in clay, C Lillis, AJ Lutenegger, and M Adams

Low energy compacted concrete grout micropiles, AJ Lutenegger

Influence of ground water table fluctuation on lateral load behavior of rigid drilled shafts in stiff clay, AJ Lutenegger and AE Dearth

Determination of liquid limit from equilibrium sediment volume - K. Prakash and A. Sridharan (2002). Geotechnique 52, No. 9, 693-696 - Discussion, TS Nagaraj and DJ DeGroot

Hydraulic head in a clayey sand till over multiple timescales, DW Ostendorf, DJ DeGroot, WM Shelburne, and TJ Mitchell

Steady, annual, and monthly recharge implied by deep unconfined aquifer flow, DW Ostendorf, PLS Rees, SP Kelley, and AJ Lutenegger

Watershed sources of disinfectloh byproduct precursors, DA Reckhow, PLS Rees, and D Bryan

Use of "zero controlled gradient" tests to determine EOP compression behavior, TC Sheahan, DJ DeGroot, QW Fu, and RM Ryan

Modeling failure and deformation of an assembly of spheres with frictional contacts, ASJ Suiker and CS Chang

Deposition, detachment and dynamics in media filtration., JE Tobiason and J Kim

Submissions from 2003

Case study: Impact of reservoir stratification on interflow travel time, D Ahlfeld, A Joaquin, J Tobiason, and D Mas

Groundwater issues, DP Ahlfeld and WR Dripps


Evidence for the rare decay B -> K(*)l(+)l(-) and measurement of the B -> Kl(+)l(-) branching fraction, BABAR Collaboration


Limits on D-0-(D)over-bar(0) mixing and CP violation from the ratio of lifetimes for decay to K-pi(+), K-K+, and pi(-)pi(+), BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of B-0 -> D-s(*)D+*(-) branching fractions and B-0 -> D-s*D+*(-) polarization with a partial reconstruction technique, BABAR Collaboration


Measurement of the B-0 meson lifetime with partial reconstruction of B-0 -> D*(-)pi(+) and B-0 -> D*(-)rho(+) decays, BABAR Collaboration


Observation of a narrow meson state decaying to D-s(+)pi(0) at a mass of 2.32 GeV/c(2), BABAR Collaboration


Study of the rare decays B-0 -> D-s((*)+)pi(-) and B-0 -> Ds(*)-K+, BABAR Collaboration


Study of time-dependent CP asymmetry in neutral B decays to J/psi pi(0), BABAR Collaboration

Conjunctive-management models for sustained yield of stream-aquifer systems, PM Barlow, DP Ahlfeld, and DC Dickerman

Increasing flexural capacity of reinforced concrete beams using carbon fiber-reinforced polymer composites, SF Brena, RM Bramblett, SL Wood, and ME Kreger

Full-scale tests of bridge components strengthened using carbon fiber-reinforced polymer composites, SF Brena, SL Wood, and ME Kreger

Paper: "Higher-order strain/higher-order stress gradient models derived from a discrete microstructure, with application to fracture", by C.S Chang, H. Askes and L.J. Sluys; Engineering Fracture Mechanics 69 (2002), 1907-1924 - Reply to letter to the editor as written by G. Borino and C. Polizzotto, CS Chang, H Askes, and LJ Sluys

Heterogeneous strain and bonded granular structure change in triaxial specimen studied by computer, tomography, CS Chang, T Matsushima, and X Lee

Elastic constants for granular materials modeled as first-order strain-gradient continua, CS Chang, Q Shi, and CL Liao

Behavior of shear studs subjected to fully reversed cyclic loading, SA Civjan and P Singh

Laboratory measurement and interpretation of soft clay mechanical behavior, DJ DeGroot