The American Indian Mascot

Carol Huben, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Thesis/Project Completion Date

May, 2011

Committee Chair

Kathleen A. Brown-Perez, UMass Amherst -


The issue of American Indian mascots is one that has generated much controversy. This research aims to show that these mascots are harmful to American Indian people and others, and that the refusal to discard these offensive caricatures is the result of a complete disregard for native cultures and ways of life, generated in part by mainstream America‟s ignorance in regards to modern American Indians. This ignorance is partially due to the cultural appropriation practiced extensively throughout the United States from the colonial period up to the present day. This research aims to show that, because of the damaging effects of mascots and their degree of offensiveness to native peoples, their usage should be discontinued.


Recommended Citation

Huben, Carol, "The American Indian Mascot" (2011). Commonwealth Honors College Theses and Projects. Paper 13.