Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering


Department Head: Jeffrey M. Davis

Chemical engineering is an applications-driven outgrowth of applied sciences. Because biology in the last fifteen years has come to be recognized as systems science with chemical underpinnings, chemical engineering has become a hotbed of bioengineering and biomolecular engineering. Chemical engineering plays a leading role in the chemistry and physics of materials engineering with applications ranging from carefully structured microelectronics and colloids to nanostructured block copolymers and biomaterials. Over the last several decades, chemical engineers have paved the way to applied mathematical modeling and scientific computing.

From its foundation in the 1950s, the Department has educated distinguished scholars and technical leaders. Today, our faculty continues to be recognized for its technological innovation and contributions to engineering science fundamentals in the fields of fluid mechanics and transport phenomena, scientific computing, bioengineering, materials science, nanotechnology, and sustainable energy. The Department is committed to academic excellence in an environment that appreciates individual efforts and fosters interdisciplinary collaborations.


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