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Chemical Process Engineering

A major focus of Processes will be chemical process engineering with applications to both traditional industries and emerging industries for renewable chemicals and energy production. The special issue begins with a data driven study on the optimization of chiller plants at the University of Texas at Austin, where the solution of a multi-period optimal loading problem is shown to reduce energy costs by 8.57% [1]. Also energy related, the second paper focuses on transport modeling of molecular sieve cobalt oxide silica membranes for hydrogen processing, and demonstrates that multi-tube membrane modules should be designed to maintain an appropriate driving force for hydrogen permeation [2]. The third paper addresses the emerging problem of biodiesel process design through the development and screening of a generic superstructure that captures all possible process alternatives based on available technology [3]. This topic area is completed with the fourth paper, which reports the viscosity and density of diesel fuels obtained from British refineries at elevated pressures up to 500 MPa and temperatures in the range 298 K to 373 K [4].







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