Founders Ekwueme Michael Thelwell & Eugene Terry, Volumes 1-3
Eugene Terry, Volume 4
Charles A. Frye, Volumes 5-6
Ernest Allen, Jr., Volumes 7-15

Special Guest Editors

Samba Gadjigo and Heather Henderson, Double Volume 9-10
Samba Gadjigo, Ralph Faulkingham, Thomas Cassirer, & Reinhard Sander, Volume 11
Joy James, Volume 12
Girma Kebbede, Volume 15

Editorial Board

When Contributions in Black Studies: A Journal of African and Afro-American Studies (CIBS) was launched in 1977. Michael Thelwell and Eugene Terry served as the founding Editors, and comprised the Editorial Board along with Johnnella Butler, Femi Richards, Andrea Rushing, and Walter Stewart. CIBS was one of the earliest scholarly journals of the then nascent Black Studies Movement and offered a new venue for scholarship in the field. It represented a unique collaboration of the Du Bois Department at UMass Amherst with four black studies programs at private, liberal arts colleges in the area in the form of the Five College Black Studies Executive Committee. Terry was the Committee's Founding Chair and represented Hampshire College where, at that time, he was a faculty member. Thelwell and Richards represented UMass Amherst, Rushing was from Amherst College, Stewart from Mount Holyoke College, and Butler represented Smith. With different editors and editorial board members the CIBS Five College collaboration lasted until 1999.