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Crispus Attucks


The Boston Massacre, March 5,1770, may be regarded as the first act in the drama of the American Revolution. "From that moment" said Daniel Webster, "we may date the severance ofthe British Empire." The presence of the British soldiers in King Street excited the patriotic indignation of the people. . . . Led by Crispus Attucks, the mulatto slave, and shouting, "The way to get rid of these soldiers is to attack the main guard; strike at the root; this is the nest," with more valor than discretion, they rushed to King Street, and were fired upon by Captain Preston's company. Crispus Attucks was the first to fall; he and Samuel Gray and Jonas Caldwell were killed on the spot. Samuel Maverick and Patrick Carr were mortally wounded. --Historical Research by George Livermore, Massachusetts Historical Society.