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The Center for International Education (CIE) is research and project implementation unit that is closely integrated with the graduate-level academic degree programs in International Education offered by the Department of Education Policy, Research and Administration (EPRA). These degrees offer professional training, service and research opportunities in the areas of International Development Education, Education Policy and Leadership, Nonformal/Popular Adult Education, Basic Education and Literacy, and Internationalizing U.S. Education.

During the nearly 50 years of its existence the International Education program associated with CIE has produced almost 300 Doctoral degrees and more than 275 Master's degrees. In its history, CIE has managed about $95 million in grants and contracts, most recently in countries such as Afghanistan, Palestine, southern Sudan, Gambia, Senegal, Malawi, India, and Uganda. CIE also manages projects in Massachusetts including Global Education for teachers, transition programs for GED students, and leadership training for immigrant and refugee communities..


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