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These manuals were made possible through support from the University Development Linkages Project, Global Bureau, Human Capacity Development Center, U.S. Agency for International Development under the terms of Cooperative Agreement No. DAN-5063-A-00-1108-00.


A manual which introduces the basic concepts for teaching reading and writing skills by creating literacy activities and learning materials in collaboration with learners. Portions of the manual were developed and tested with practitioners in Indonesia and Nepal.

The series offers the practitioner a wide variety of activities to choose from to meet the diverse needs of community literacy groups. The manuals are designed to complement each other, but can also be used independently. Two of the manuals, Whole Language: An Integrated Approach to Reading and Writing, and Literacy and Learning in Families and Communities, provide the core concepts for literacy learning. The other five manuals provide creative ideas and techniques for implementing those concepts. It is not imperative that Whole Language and Family Literacy be read before a practitioner attempts to implement ideas found in the Role Play Manual, for example, but it might be helpful.

The Whole Language manual introduces basic concepts and strategies for teaching reading and writing skills by involving learners in the creation of lesson activities and learning materials. The Literacy and Learning manual introduces basic concepts and strategies that develop locally relevant literacy activities and materials through researching issues and resources in the family and community. The other manuals in the series provide additional information and guidelines for implementing effective local literacy programs.

This Action Learning Manual is designed for people who want to help or are already helping adults and out-of-school children learn how to use reading and writing skills in everyday life. Part of the information you will need is contained in this manual. The rest of the information you will have to discover by doing the activities and collecting information about your local situation.

The manual provides background information and activities to guide you as you learn by doing. Section I introduces you to the underlying principles of three approaches to reading and writing. Section II provides information and step-by-step guidelines for implementing twelve whole language strategies. By completing the activities in the manual, you will develop the skill to organize a class and create materials that are based on the needs, interests and resources of learners in the community or program where you work.

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A Literacy Linkage Series Manual