Mainus Sultan

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These manuals were made possible through support from the University Development Linkages Project, Global Bureau, Human Capacity Development Center, U.S. Agency for International Development under the terms of Cooperative Agreement No. DAN-5063-A-00-1108-00.


This manual provides detailed information on one method for creating local literacy materials. It is based on the author's experience producing newsletters and learner-generated materials in Bangladesh.

This manual is designed to help you create a newsletter with and for the new literates served by your literacy program. Step-by-step guidelines explain the process of publishing a newsletter including how to organize facilitators, learners and new literates to collect local news stories, how to edit, do a layout, and publish a local newsletter.

The manual is designed for literacy and nonformal education practitioners who want to provide graduates of their literacy classes with interesting and relevant reading materials.

Newsletter production requires creative planning. This manual is meant to be a framework to guide you through process of creating a newsletter. Begin by reading through the manual and think about how you can apply the to your work situation. The activities will make more sense after you have tried them out.

The manual is divided into five activities, each of which provides you with guidelines for developing your newsletter. The five activities are: planning assessment, writing, putting it together, and distribution and feedback.

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The literacy Linkage Series Manuals