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In 1997 I worked with the OSCE in Bosnia organizing the first post-war municipal elections. During this time I was confronted with the massive efforts of the international community in Bosnia, the limited development of the peace process two years after the war and the need for a clearer sense of history in order to understand the best direction for international community in their ongoing intervention in Bosnia. Coming so close on the heels of this genocidal war, an establish historical perspective on the war is still very much in the making. Using a spate of conversations I had with Bosnians regarding the war combined with recent readings on the war, I attempt a general overview of the war with an aim to orientating future international involvement. I begin with a brief overview of the ancient and recent history that led up to the war. The paper then explores some of the problems inherent to the Dayton agreement. I explain my work on elections and explain how this relates to implementation of the Dayton peace agreement. In conclusion I develop some specific ideas about how international assistance could be more effective in promoting the peace process.



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